When making gin, we rely on real manual work - from the processing of our botanicals to the fine-tuning during distillation and packaging in production. Our many years of experience in this craftsmanship give our spirits their exceptional quality, which you can experience with all your senses.



A noble product begins with the selection of its ingredients. As an organically certified company, we source our herbs and spices for gin production from purely organic farming. In a classic gin, the juniper berry should remain the undisputed protagonist. However, if it is also a spice brandy with a complex aroma, refining spices, so-called "drugs" or "botanicals", are added during the production of THE DUKE Gin.

Each of our Munich Dry Gins is a unique composition of a wide variety of herbs and spices. But they all have one thing in common: THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin is always rounded off by two specific botanicals that represent the Bavarian origin: hop blossoms and malt.


We have chosen the classic process of gin production, with prior maceration and subsequent distillation. During maceration, the “botanicals” are mixed into an alcohol-water mixture and leached overnight. The delicately spicy aromas of the wheat-rye ethanol carry the spices, but remain discreetly in the background.

Distillation takes place in our hand-made stills, some of which have been in use since our beginnings. In order to select the fine, volatile aromas, double distillation with the so-called rough rim fine brandy process is used. In order to preserve the complex aromas of the botanicals at the same time, the copper still slowly and gently guides them into the cooler. Finally, two filtrations ensure the purity and softness of the distillate.



In the last step of the gin production, the distillate obtained is mixed with tap water to achieve the desired alcohol content. This process is also known in professional circles as a so-called “wedding”. After this process, the fine spirit must rest so that the complex aromas can fully develop.

After 4 to 6 weeks of storage in the cellar, the time has come: The finished distillate is bottled and labeled in our production facility in Aschheim using an automatic production line and then packed by hand. From there, the Munich Dry Gin is shipped worldwide, sold directly in our store or served in our THE DUKE Bar.

»A drinking vessel, once it is empty, no longer brings real joy.«

(Wilhelm Busch)