Since 2008, THE DUKE distillery has been making the Munich Dry Gin by hand. The term "Munich Dry" refers to the actual place of manufacture of our fine juniper distillates. In the meantime, however, we are also known for much more. Our range includes LION's Vodka, Munich caraway and various liqueurs in the best organic quality.


EU organic certificates

In the production of our spirits, we only use herbs and spices from purely organic cultivation. Our products are not only certified organic, but also vegan.


Handcrafted in Bavaria

We are convinced of good craftsmanship. Not only are the organic lemons peeled by hand for maceration, but the gin is also packed by hand.


Best raw materials

A high-quality product starts with the selection of its ingredients. We are dedicated to providing the finest organic botanicals.


The story of THE DUKE distillery begins in autumn 2007 with the two founders Max & Daniel, a few glasses of gin & tonic and an idea: the production of a high-quality German gin. Admittedly, the juniper distillate was nothing new back then. But at that time, the gin selection in the catering industry was mainly determined by international corporations. You had to look in vain for German gin on the bar menu. And so a simple crazy idea became a declared mission.

Many experiments with a wide variety of botanicals, distillation processes and one or two tastings were to follow. After a year of development full of passion and dedication, the time had finally come: Munich Dry Gin was brought to life. Little did he know that he would one day be considered one of the pioneers of German gin and make a significant contribution to the development of the German gin landscape.

Since 2008, Munich Dry Gin has been produced in small batches in the two founders' student apartment. The custom-made copper cauldron, named Carl, was bubbling at full speed to keep up with the amount in demand. But THE DUKE team didn't stand still either. At that time, the bottles with funnels were filled diligently by hand, labels were stuck on using stencils and boxes were dragged over several floors. Over time, not only did the team expand, but also the product range: LION's Vodka, Munich Caraway and a variety of liqueurs complemented the offering.

While THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin was initially only served in restaurants, demand from retailers and end consumers did not take long to arrive. And so it happened that the capacity limits were soon exhausted. A new production location was needed.

In 2016 the time had come: THE DUKE distillery opened its location, not far from the gates of Munich, in the idyllic former potato distillery in Aschheim. The small copper still “Carl” is now actively supported by a new, much larger still – also handmade from copper. Not only has a lot happened in production, the team at THE DUKE distillery now also has over 25 employees. But even though the move has brought about many innovations, the old craft and the dedication with which we produce our fine distillates remains the same.

With the new premises, the founders fulfilled their dream of the “Glass Distillery”. Gin fans and the curious are invited to visit THE DUKE distillery and our in-house distillery shop, take tours , enjoy tastings and let yourself be tempted by a drink or two in our THE DUKE bar.


(Ambrose Bierce)

The name THE DUKE

Henry the Lion was once Duke of Bavaria. In 1158 he had a bridge torn down in order to build a new one at the monks' settlement "Munichen". The city of Munich was born.

Our "THE DUKE" (Duke in German) is a homage to the founder of the city of Munich and our place of manufacture at the same time. Because who knows whether THE DUKE Gin would have existed without Henry the Lion.