Womit kann man Gin mischen?

What can you mix gin with?

Gin is one of the most popular spirits available today. This is completely understandable, as its variety of different varieties and brands is constantly growing. As a rule, every new gin is first enjoyed straight to get a feel for the taste. But the drink also has a lot to offer when mixed.

Why is gin good for mixing?

Due to its versatility, gin is considered an all-rounder in the bar scene and also in the home bar. It naturally has the flavors that flowed in from the manufacturing process, which is why juniper schnapps is particularly suitable for new mix creations. There are really almost no limits to the possible creations.  It's definitely worth trying out new things again and again, because every gin has a different flavor and there's something for every fan. Here we show eight examples of what you can mix gin with.


Honey Bee

2 cl honey syrup
2 cl lemon juice

8 examples of what you can mix gin with

1. Gin & Tonic – The classic

The gin and tonic is an absolute classic. This is precisely why a good tonic water is absolutely necessary for the mixture. There are no limits to the variety here, as tonic water offers a large selection of countless different flavors. Our own tonic water is perfectly matched to THE DUKE Gin: pleasant bitter notes and fine acidity are rounded off by a fruity sweetness, creating a wonderfully harmonious taste experience. A lot of time, love and only natural ingredients go into our refreshing THE DUKE Tonic Water.


Raspberry Basil Gin Tonic

1 cl basil syrup
2 cl raspberry puree
8 cl tonic water

Mix gin into delicious cocktails

In addition to the number one classic gin long drink, gin can of course also be used to mix a wide variety of cocktails, from simple to complex. An extensive selection of different Gin drink recipes do you find here. The most common drinks that can be mixed with gin are now coming.


2. Gin Sour & Gin Fizz: Mix gin with lemon juice and sugar syrup

It is said: “Sour makes you funny”. How about a gin sour, a mixture of gin, sugar syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Another variant is this Gin Fizz. Here the drink is shaken and then poured with soda water.
In this area, the variety of individual mix variations is infinitely large. All you have to do is get the perfect mix of gin, sweetness and acid and a new gin drink has been invented. That's why we have a special blog about various, colorful gin sour variations written.


Hibiscus Gin Sour

3 cl lemon juice
2 cl sugar syrup
1 egg white
Dried hibiscus flowers

3. Gin & Juice: Mix gin with various fruit juices

How about another great mix. As the name suggests, this long drink consists only of gin and fruit juice. The selection here is huge. Grape juice is most recommended. But other enjoyable variants are also recommended. Depending on the gin you choose, the Gin & Juice tastes great with apple or pear juice.

Other specialties include rhubarb juice or various mixtures with freshly squeezed citrus fruits such as lime or grapefruit. Our gin and juice cocktail is particularly popular in autumn.Late Summer Dream“. Here the mix consists of 5 cl of our fruity floral THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin, pear juice, a dash of lime juice and some vanilla pod.

You can find more recipes in our blog Gin & Juice.

Roughest Toughest Sweety

3 cl lime juice
2.5 cl sugar syrup
2-3 cl blackberry puree
15 leaves Fresh mint
Ginger beer

4. Munich Mule & Gin Buck: The combination with ginger

Gin with ginger – perfect for fans of the refreshing spiciness of the “miracle tuber”. The long drink classic Moscow Mule got a “close relative” with THE DUKE Gin: the Munich Mule. The vodka is simply replaced by the Munich gin, the rest of the ingredients remain the same. Perfect for the Munich long drink: this THE DUKE Ginger Beer in organic quality.

If you prefer a little less ginger spiciness, a Gin Buck might be a good choice. Here, ginger ale is used instead of the strong ginger beer and refined with a little lemon juice.

Apple Munich Mule

3 cl apple juice, naturally cloudy
Fresh rosemary

5. Short drinks: Mix gin with other spirits

Small but mighty – if you like it strong, mix gin with other high-proof drinks. The classics here are the Martini (gin and vermouth). Aviation (Gin, Maraschino, Crème de Violette) or the Bijou (Gin, Chartreuse, Amaretto, Vermouth). Also the popular one Negroni consists exclusively of gin and two other spirits.



3 cl red vermouth
3 cl Campari

6. Gin Wild Berry & Co. – Mix gin with lemonade

You can mix gin with a variety of lemonades. This usually involves a classic one Long drink glass used and the mixing ratio is like other highballs with a gin content between 4 and 6 cl. Of course, the perfect choice of lemonade is important here.
Many lemonade manufacturers now offer a wide variety of varieties for mixing long drinks or other mixed drinks. Bitter lemonades are best, but also herbal lemonades and fruity versions like ours Munich Basil Mule Set. For example, Wild Berry is used for Gin Wild Berry Schweppes or Thomas Henry.


Sole Rosso

3 cl Campari
4.5 cl Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice
1.5 cl fresh lemon juice
3 cl pomegranate juice
1.5 cl sugar syrup
1.5 cl grenadine
Soda water

7. Gin & Soda: Mix gin with mineral water

A hit for everyone who pays attention to their figure when drinking alcohol, but for whom a vodka soda tastes too bland. There is no need to count calories and there is no sugar at all. Depending on the mixing ratio, the gin has the opportunity to develop its own aroma wonderfully, as the carbon dioxide in the soda water often brings this out really well.


8. Enrich gin with different ingredients

Finally, there is an obvious alternative: to mix a good gin drink, just a few ingredients in the form of herbs and spices are enough to create a real taste explosion. For example, lavender, basil, rosemary, mint, cinnamon and juniper berries are used.
You should just pay attention to the appropriate selection of botanicals. Depending on the type of gin, these were already used during production. Ideally, the same flavors should also be present in the respective drink. This is the only way to achieve a particularly harmonious enjoyment.

Fresh ingredients such as fruit are also suitable for refining the gin. Untreated citrus fruits such as lemon, lime and orange are particularly popular. Raspberries, blueberries, cranberries or melon are also suitable.


Duchess Lemonade

1 cl raspberry pulp
Eizbach rose blossom

Let professionals mix the gin

Would you rather leave the topic of mixing gin to the trained bartenders? Then just come to ours THE DUKE Bar Stop by our distillery or book our sent one Bar trailer or the flexible one Event Bar including staff for your next party. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy mixing!