Vodka-Cocktail-Klassiker THE DUKE

Vodka cocktail classic

5 classic vodka drinks with recipes for mixing

The number of different drinks is virtually endless, with new cocktail creations being added every day. At THE DUKE distillery, we also like to experiment with a wide variety of ingredients and always discover new combinations that complement our spirits in exciting ways. And then there are the classics – drinks that stay in bars for decades or longer and just keep going. Cocktails that we can order again and again and prove again and again how beautiful tradition and how important a certain consistency is.

Some time ago we published the five most famous vodka drink recipes in our blog “Classic vodka cocktails" presented. Vodka Martini, Cosmopolitan and Co. are rightly defending their place on bar menus worldwide; But there are other creations that can be called classics with a clear conscience, even if some of them are perhaps a little more modern or not quite as well known. For this reason, we are starting round two, the Vodka Cocktail Classics.

1. Vodka Sour


Sours are relatively easy to mix, work with a wide variety of spirits and usually use the same mixing ratio of 5: 3: 2 - i.e. five units of spirit, three units of acid and two units of sugar. Basically the magic formula for most gin sours, whiskey sours or even the classic vodka sour. A refreshing mixture that works both in summer on the terrace and in winter by the fireplace and can be refined to taste with a protein in a shaker. An absolute classic with both vodka and other spirits.

Vodka sour

3 cl fresh lemon juice
2 cl sugar syrup
1 egg white (optional)

2. Cape Codder


Anyone who has ever been to the tourist peninsula in the east of the USA knows where this vodka classic gets its name. Cape Cod in the state of Massachusetts is known for growing cranberries, which, when pressed into juice, give the drink its reddish color. Cranberries are traditionally used in cocktails primarily as a sweetened nectar rather than as straight juice, which is quite bitter and rather sour. A little freshly squeezed lime juice gives the Cape Codder (also called “Cape Cod” or Vodka Cranberry) its pleasantly fresh note and perfectly complements the sweet cranberry nectar.


Cape Codder

15 cl cranberry nectar
1-2 cl fresh lime juice

3. Harvey Wallbanger


There are various stories surrounding the origin of the name for this drink, none of which are 100% true. Therefore, we leave it up to you to decide on a version. Ultimately, the cocktail is a variation of the classic Screwdriver – also known as Vodka-O in Germany. The vodka and orange juice are accompanied by a shot of Galliano Vanilla, a golden-yellow, aromatic liqueur from Italy. For pragmatic reasons, the drink is often served without garnish, but an orange wedge/slice or, as in our case, a kumquat or a vanilla bean can be added to the glass.


Harvey Wallbanger

1 cl Galliano Vanilla
10 cl fresh orange juice

4. Skinny Bitch


Of course, mainly because of its name, the Skinny Bitch is often dismissed as a low-calorie drink that you only order to look after your figure. There is something absolutely refreshing about the mixture of soda, vodka and lime and is therefore indispensable, especially as a summer classic. In addition, many fans of the vodka classic are convinced that even after one or two glasses of Skinny Bitch too much, you can still wake up the next morning without a headache - provided you use high-quality vodka. However, regardless of the drink and the alcohol used, we would generally advise against disproportionate alcohol consumption.

Skinny bitch

2 cl fresh lime juice
15 cl of carbonated soda water

5. Sex On The Beach


The female bar staff at a cocktail bar in particular probably know more than just a story about this vodka cocktail classic about “incredibly funny” boys who ordered a Sex On The Beach from them and made an extremely uncreative reference to the drink’s name. But the cocktail is known worldwide not only because of its memorable name. Shaken with fresh ingredients, it is not only colorful but also quite tasty.

Sex On The Beach

2 cl peach liqueur
2 cl blackberry liqueur
4 cl fresh orange juice
12 cl cranberry nectar

Speaking of classics – did you know that it’s ours LION's Vodka has been around for almost 10 years? For us – at least in Germany – it’s definitely a vodka classic. 😉