Smoked Tea Cocktails

Smoked Tea Cocktails

Where does the expression “have one in your tea” actually come from? We don't want to get involved in the speculation about this topic and have simply done what came to mind: we have three delicious drinks with us THE DUKE Gin mixed into the tea. Earl Grey, jasmine and chai tea form the basis for these three smoked tea cocktails, which are garnished with flavored smoke bubbles before serving.


The respective tea forms the basis for the three cocktails. In order not to get lost alongside the other ingredients, it is important that the tea is very strong. To do this, simply pour a larger amount of tea, i.e. approx. 2 - 3 tablespoons / tea bags per cup of hot water. If you simply let the tea steep for longer instead, you won't get the same result. After a while (e.g. after 3-4 minutes with green tea) aromas and bitter substances can develop that taste rather unpleasant and that you therefore don't want in the cocktail.

Things get a little more complicated and, above all, more expensive when it comes to garnishing the drinks. For this we used a smoke gun from the catering industry that was developed for exactly such purposes. Using a special liquid, she blows bubbles similar to soap bubbles into the air, which are simultaneously filled with flavored smoke. The bubbles serve as a garnish when serving the Smoked Tea Cocktails and, once burst, spread a pleasant aroma onto the drink, which also seduces the senses when drinking through the nose.



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And here are the recipes for the three smoked tea cocktails. Have fun mixing and smoking!

Smoking Earl

5 cl Earl Gray tea
2 cl grape juice
2 cl lime juice
1 cl sugar syrup


Tuxedo Jasmine

7 cl jasmine green tea
1.5 cl lemon juice
2 cl almond syrup


Smoking Chai

5 cl Chai tea
10 cl peach juice
5 cl cherry juice
1 dash lemon juice