NEU-THE-DUKE-Sommer-Gin-Limited-Edition THE DUKE

NEW: THE DUKE Summer Gin Limited Edition

What does summer actually taste like? THE DUKE asked himself this very question and set out to find the perfect summer gin recipe. The result is a limited edition in the usual organic quality that makes you want summer both in terms of taste and appearance and is the perfect accompaniment for sunny meetings and mild summer evenings. In this article you will find out what makes THE DUKE summer gin special and how it is prepared.

What is summer gin made of?   

When selecting the high-quality organic botanicals, we were inspired by the unique Bavarian summer. The intense berry aroma is reminiscent of the  wild blueberry bushes we encounter on the hiking trail as well as the refreshing blackcurrant spritzer that we enjoy after diving into one of the numerous Bavarian lakes or the Isar. There are also botanicals such as fresh lemongrass and the classic fruity-tart juniper berry. Ginger root and cubeb pepper provide a delicate spice and round off the berry taste experience perfectly.  

What makes summer gin so special?  

From peeling our organic lemons for distillation to bottling and packaging – our summer gin, like our other spirits, is literally “handcrafted in Bavaria”. What distinguishes our gin classics from this limited edition is the unusual recipe. This unique gin creation simultaneously provides an intense berry aroma in the nose and a special taste experience on the palate. The new blue look design is also impressive and makes the tasting an experience for all the senses.

This is how you drink THE DUKE summer gin

From a sparkling aperitif to classic gin recipes – our summer gin proves that it can be used in a variety of ways. It works as both Gin and Tonic, but also in combination with grapefruit aka Pink Summer or with exotic mango in the form of ours Mystic Summer. We recommend this to anyone who can never get enough of berries Berry Me - thanks to the extra portion of berries, you're guaranteed to get your money's worth here.



The unique composition of the fruity-tart juniper taste, fresh citrus notes and sweet berry aroma make our summer gin a real drink highlight. Convinced? Then secure yourself here quickly the limited edition for an unforgettable summer.