Gin & Vodka Drinks für Mädels

Gin & Vodka drinks for girls

What are the best drinks for women?

Let's start with the disappointment: there is no such thing as the perfect drink for girls. If you search the Internet for drinks and cocktails for women, you'll initially get an overdose of pink, flowers and recipes that are above all one thing: sweet. Honestly, dear ladies, we can't be lumped together so easily. That's why we're introducing you to three cocktail recipes here, each of which flatters the female palate in different ways. But don't worry, dear boys, you can enjoy the drinks too - without a guilty conscience.

That all the girls just “Skinny bitchDrinking in order to have as few calories as possible in the glass is of course just as true as the fact that it always has to be a little sweeter for the ladies than for the “hard” men. This should have reached everywhere by now. And it should no longer be a secret that tastes differ, regardless of gender. That's why we don't want to use clichés with this blog, but rather try to cover as wide a spectrum as possible of (really) female tastes with the following recipes.


1. Vegan Honey

While a large part of the men's world still thought that without animal products you would miss out on something in terms of taste, many women have long been aware that you can also eat and drink very well vegan. That's why we dedicate this drink to all those girls who dare to try new things, get through with it and maybe make our beautiful world a little bit better. The “Vegan Honey” is very close to the Coladas, but does not contain any milk, cream or honey. Instead, it impresses lovers of creamy cocktails with its fine grain notes, coconut milk and cinnamon.

Cheers Honey!


Vegan Honey

6 cl oat milk
2 cl agave syrup
5 cl coconut milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Desiccated coconut

2. Mrs Melon


A must-have on sunny days in summer: the watermelon. Symbolic of a delicious, healthy refreshment while lying in the swimming pool in the blazing sun. With its beautiful color and up to 95% water content, the melon is also ideal as a base for fruity cocktails. A little lemongrass and fresh lemon juice and our fruity Wanderlust Gin Add to that and nothing stands in the way of a successful girls' evening (or afternoon?) on hot summer days.

Mrs Melon

1/4 watermelon
1/2 lemon
1 stalk of lemongrass

3. Rough Girl


This drink is a statement and symbolizes all the strong women who don't hesitate to compete with men. Of course, neither a man nor a woman needs to drink a lot of alcohol to be strong. At the same time, that doesn't mean that you can't drink strong cocktails as a petite girl. The days of guys getting drunk while girls sipping a glass of orange juice are over. More and more women are ordering Martinis and Negronis at the bar instead of Hugo or white wine spritzer. Our “Rough Girl” connects with that LION's Vodka and THE DUKE Gin two high-proof spirits with the lovely notes of elderflower liqueur. A strong short drink that can be stirred or prepared in a shaker. Cheers, girls!

Rough girl

2 cl elderflower liqueur (e.g. St. Germain)


Dear girls, we hope you have a lot of fun mixing it up and let the boys try it too! 😉