CBD Cocktails

CBD Cocktails

What is CBD?

Cannabinoidsare ingredients of the hemp plant. Along with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most dominant cannabidoids. Both are obtained primarily from the female inflorescences, as this is where the proportion of cannabinoids they contain is highest.

The “high” feeling typically associated with marijuana use is caused by THC. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, i.e. not intoxicating. Hemp plants are now increasingly being bred that have an increased CBD concentration and hardly any THC. The THC content of the industrial hemp plants from which CBD is extracted may not exceed 0.2% in the EU.

In order to make CBD usable for daily use, oils or tinctures containing CBD are often offered. While CDB tinctures are alcohol-based, cannabis oil with a CBD concentration involves mixing the CBD with hemp seed oil.

How does CBD work?

Cannabinoids are not only found in the cannabis plant, but are also produced in your own body, more specifically in the central nervous system. According to manufacturers, with additional CBD intake in the form of cannabis oil or a CBD tincture, the body can be supported in reducing inflammation, relieving pain and strengthening the immune system.

Since CBD is said to have a number of positive effects on the body, such as reducing stress and anxiety, promoting general well-being, anti-inflammatory properties or mild pain relief, without any intoxicating effects, more and more people are incorporating products made from industrial hemp plants into their everyday diet.

The CBD oil from Hemp Goddess

One way to do this is by using CBD oil. The Munich start-up HANFGÖTTIN sells CBD oil in 5, 10 and 20 percent dosed solutions. The three variants allow for individual dosage depending on personal feelings.

During production, the CBD is extracted from the flowers, leaves and seeds of the industrial hemp plant grown in Europe using a special extraction process (CO2 extraction). The extract is then mixed with high-quality hemp seed oil.

Visit the Website von HANFGÖTTIN CBD, to find out more about CBD oils.

CBD cocktails

So far, modern bartenders from the USA in particular have discovered CBD oil as an exciting ingredient for their drinks and have used it to create interesting CBD cocktails.

If you want to use CBD for a cocktail, you should keep in mind that CBD tinctures are alcohol-based and can therefore be mixed well with the rest of the drink's ingredients.

CBD oil is instead used more as a float, as it floats on the surface of the drink. Although there may be a small amount of CBD oil left at the bottom of the cocktail glass, the advantage is that it can be enjoyed with all the senses as you can see it floating on the drink and smell it with every sip. CBD oil can also be wonderfully included in the top layer of foam in a cocktail. A natural hemp aroma can be detected in the nose and on the tongue, which is reminiscent of fresh hay.

We love working with motivated bartenders to create innovative drinks with our distillates. Of course, this also includes experimenting with new ingredients. For our CBD cocktails we worked with the great crew from Bar Geheimnisse eamed up to showcase innovative drink creations with high-quality products in order to focus on enjoyment instead of consumption. In doing so, they interpret established trends and set new ones. In addition, crystal clear King Cubes with an engraved hemp leaf were created especially for our CBD cocktails by the ingenious Tremml Ice Team prepared.

We have this for both recipes CBD Öl von HANFGÖTTIN in 5-prozentiger Dosierung used. We recommend starting with the low-dose oil and working towards the individual dosage depending on your condition and tolerance.

Have fun mixing and trying!