Prince Harry mit THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin

Prince Harry


5cl THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin

1.5 cl protein

2 cl fresh lemon juice

2 cl ginger sugar*


Shake all liquids vigorously and strain through a sieve. Then garnish with the Duke jelly and ginger dust.**

*Preparation Ginger Sugar:

1.5kg ginger

1kg sugar

750 ml water

Slice the ginger with the peel on. Simmer ingredients gently for 45 minutes and then filter.

**Preparation of ginger dust and Duke jelly:


Puree the remainder filtered out of the ginger sugar in the blender, spread it 1/2 cm thick on a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake in the oven at 65° C for 3 days. Cut into small rectangles to make ginger cookies. To garnish the drink, grind a ginger biscuit into dust and sprinkle over the drink.


125ml water

125 ml THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin

2 sheets of gelatin

Soak and dissolve the gelatine according to the package instructions. Bring the water to the boil and remove from the heat, stir in the gin and gelatin. Pour the mixture into a flat mold and let it cool. Cut a piece of jelly out of the mold to garnish the drink.