Orange Gin Slushie mit THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin

Orange Gin Slushie


4 cl THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin

75 g filleted mandarins (approx. 1 seedless mandarin)

125g filleted oranges (approx. 1 orange), plus an orange slice for garnish

1/4 cup ice cubes

15g sugar


Peel the mandarin and orange, fillet them (remove the skin) and chop roughly. Then put it in a freezer bag and freeze overnight. Put the frozen fruit together with the ice cubes in a blender and mix until a coarse mass is formed.

Mix the sugar with a tablespoon of hot water until the sugar has dissolved; then add it to the mixer along with the gin. Mix until everything reaches an even, fine consistency. Pour into a glass, garnish with the orange slice and serve immediately.