Oh Honey Gin Fizz mit THE DUKE Munich Gin Dry

Oh Honey Gin Fizz


8cl THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin

1.5 cl honey syrup*

1.5 cl lime juice

14 cl soda water


Pour all ingredients into the glasses over ice, stir and top up with soda water. Garnish with fresh sage.

*Production of honey syrup

11 cl honey

11 cl water

5-6 leaves of sage

Heat honey and water in a non-stick pan and stir well. Then remove from the heat and let it steep a little longer.

*Smoked Honey Rim


Smoked salt

Bacon (crumbs) (Note: 1 slice of crumbled bacon is enough to garnish 4-6 glasses)

Mix the ingredients for the Smoked Honey Rim together. Decorate a quarter of the rim of the glasses with the mixture and then chill the glasses.