Mary & The Bacon mit Lion's Vodka Bacon Infusion

Mary & The Bacon


4 cl LION's Vodka Bacon Infusion*

8 cl tomato juice

1 cl lime juice

4 dashes of Worchestershire sauce

4 dashes of Tabasco


Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice cubes and shake vigorously. Strain the drink into a pre-chilled highball glass. Then garnish with a celery stick and a slice of crispy bacon. Finally, sprinkle on a pinch of Italian herbs, salt and freshly ground pepper.

*Preparation of infusion:

Bake a few slices of bacon on a tray lined with baking paper in the oven at 180°C. Pour the cooled bacon and excess fat into a sealable preserving jar and top with LION's Vodka fill up. Close the jar and shake well.

Let it rest in the fridge for a week.

Open the jar and use a spoon to remove the fat floating on top. Place a fine sieve over a clean mason jar and also place a coffee filter on top. Strain the LION's Vodka Bacon Infusion into the glass.