Hush Money Slushy mit THE DUKE Rough Gin

Hush Money - Slushy


4 cl THE DUKE Rough Gin

3 cl red vermouth

2 cl lemon juice

2 cl sugar syrup

3 Squeeze raspberry puree

Kewra Espuma*


Place all ingredients in a slushy machine and allow to cool to the desired consistency. Then pour into a long drink glass or tumbler and garnish with Kewra Espuma*.

Alternatively, Hush Money can also be mixed as a normal drink. To do this, shake all the ingredients vigorously on ice and pour into a long drink glass or tumbler filled with ice. Then garnish with Kewra Espuma*.

*Production of Kewra Espuma:

100 ml sugar syrup 1:1

200 ml lemon juice

50 ml Kewra water (oriental floral water, if not available: rose water)

150 ml water

4 heaped bar spoons of Pro Espuma Cold from Sosa

Briefly mix all the ingredients with the hand blender and then load them with two cream capsules in the iSi siphon.