In this blog entry you will find all the information about our
Murder on Ex True Crime Special Edition of 2021.
But you won't have to wait long for a new edition. Together with Linn & Leo we have developed our own “Murder on Ex” gin. Mark November 14th, 2022 in your calendar because then you can get the special edition here buy.

Linn and Leo have spoken into the hearts of numerous hobby detectives and recreational homicide detectives with their true crime podcast Murder on Ex . Always accompanied by one or more good drinks, the two likeable girls talk about the big crimes of this world, about serial killers, mafiosi, killer cults or even historical cases like Jack the Ripper. We have been following the exciting podcasts since the first episode and of course share a love for delicious cocktails. So what could be more obvious than a joint special edition of our murderously fine Munich Dry Gin with criminally good design, packed in a deadly safe wooden box?

True crime is popular - puzzling over crimes together, solving murders and solving criminal cases is very popular, especially when it is presented as exciting and entertaining at the same time as the two journalists Linn Sagittarius and Leonie Bartsch on her podcast Murder on Ex. The two of them have built up an impressive fan base over the last two years and have now recorded 100 episodes full of crazy crimes and gruesomely exciting murder cases. With so many true crime cases, there is one thing that Linn and Leo can never miss: the right drink accompaniment. Because as they themselves explain, Murder on Ex is “the true crime podcast where one too many glasses of wine are poured”.



But it's rarely just a glass of wine, because after all, the two girls have a special love for cocktails, especially when there's a good gin in the glass. So one thing led to another and after numerous creative and fun meetings in our distillery, it was created: the THE DUKE – Murder on Ex True Crime Special Edition. With its 13 selected botanicals in certified organic quality and 45% vol classic Munich Dry Gin everything the hearts of the two “Exis” desire. Only the label had to be adapted to ex-style, as befits a limited edition. “Blood” now runs over the front and back of a total of 999 characteristic 0.7l THE DUKE gin bottles.



Of course, Linn and Leo were also busy mixing things up when it came to the signature drink with their own murder on Ex Gin. Together with our Brand Ambassador Guy they stood behind it for several hours THE DUKE Bar until the blood-red Hibiscus Gin Sour was chosen by them as the official true crime drink.

Exi Gin Sour


3 cl lemon juice
2 cl sugar syrup
1 egg white (optional)
Dried hibiscus flowers


Add gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup (and optionally egg white) to a shaker and shake vigorously with ice. Then double strain into a tumbler or cocktail glass and garnish with a hibiscus flower.

The cocktail can be served in a glass either on ice or without ice.


*Production of Hibiscus Infused Gin

Put 5 - 8 dried hibiscus flowers in a 0.7 l bottle of THE Duke Gin and let it steep for about 1 hour until the gin has reached the desired color. Then strain.

For smaller quantities, reduce accordingly: for a drink with 5 cl of gin, 1-2 hibiscus flowers are enough.



The strictly limited 999 bottles of THE DUKE – Murder on Ex True Crime Special Edition will be available exclusively from November 22, 2021 at 12:01 a.m     online shop and Distillery shop as well as available in Murder on Ex Shop. Each bottle is also delivered safely packaged in the specially made, red THE DUKE x Mord auf Ex wooden box.

It's worth being quick: the first 12 bottles were personally signed by Linn and Leo!