As much as we love spirits and all their magic, we also know those evenings when you feel like having a drink but are happy to avoid alcohol. Exactly for these and of course for numerous other occasions, our distillers have created “THE DUKE – Entgeistert”. Our non-alcoholic gin alternative impresses with its characteristic gin flavors in the classic combination with tonic water, as well as in more complex non-alcoholic cocktails.

As with all of our spirits, the basis for THE DUKE – Entgeistert is a select selection of various botanicals. In   traditional handwork The herbs and spices are macerated and distilled. These fine distillates and extracts give the “Entgeistert” its natural color and ensure a particularly full-bodied taste.

The fruity-tart juniper is key here, pleasantly complemented by cloves, fresh rosemary and mild nutmeg, as well as fine citrus nuances. Our alcohol-free DUKE is rounded off with forest and flower honey, which gives it very special floral aromas.

THE DUKE – Amazed as a base for non-alcoholic long drinks and cocktails

With many of the characteristics of a classic gin, our THE DUKE – Entgeistert has the best conditions to secure a permanent place next to its alcoholic competitors in the home bar. It is ideal for non-alcoholic long drinks and can, for example, be served with tonic water and an orange zest   Gin and Tonic Alternative can be enjoyed. Also a non-alcoholic one”Munich Mule” and more complex mocktails can be easily mixed with our “Entgeistert”. Depending on your personal preference, the mixing ratio can be retained as with classic gin.


The “Entgeistert” label is adorned by the namesake of THE DUKE distillery himself – Duke Heinrich the Lion – and his lovely wife Mathilde.
Like all of our gins, THE DUKE Entgeistert is bottled in our generous 0.7l bottles and corked with our characteristic beech wood corks. 

Now available in our online shop – as a single bottle and in Set with THE DUKE Tonic Water or Ginger beer.