Gin Tonic Eis

Gin and tonic ice cream

Boozy Popsicles for gintastic summer evenings

You heard that right: gin and tonic ice cream, because it's finally summer!

Being gently woken up by the sun's rays, cycling comfortably to work in an airy summer outfit, spending your lunch break in the sun with colleagues, meeting friends after work in summer temperatures - in the summer you can enjoy everyday life carefree and you wish that the evenings were never end.

Of course, what shouldn't be missing on a warm summer evening with friends are the refreshing Drinks. The  gin and tonic  is a classic, but we have a recipe for you that will put you in an even more summer mood: gin and tonic ice cream with cucumber on a stick. (Recipe from Gourmondo Food Studio)

Here is the recipe for 6 Gin Tonic Popsicles


Info: What is important is the ratio of gin to the remaining ingredients so that the alcohol can freeze - we recommend 1: 17.

4 cl THE DUKE Rough Gin

30 ml lemon juice (half a lemon)

650 ml tonic water

12 cucumber slices


Mix the ingredients in a container and then pour into the popsicle molds. Skewer the cucumber slices with the stems and place them on the molds. Freeze for 12 hours and voilà – the gin and tonic ice cream is ready.