Gin Cocktail Klassiker

Gin cocktail classic

4 classic gin drinks with recipes for mixing

Gin is more popular than ever before and the number of different manufacturers and brands is correspondingly large. This diversity is therefore also reflected in the number of drink variations that are created with the popular spirit. As exciting as it is to discover new cocktail recipes, it can sometimes be stressful to choose a drink from the large selection on bar menus. And then the classics come into play - drinks that have been holding their own in bars around the world for what feels like an eternity and are the rock in the gin surf. You can rely on them, because with classics you know what to expect: a timeless drink that has managed to become immortal thanks to its good taste.

One thing is clear: today, gin is best known and probably most drunk in combination with tonic water. Gin and Tonic is without a doubt the number 1 gin classic and is now so well known that we deliberately decided not to include it again in this blog. But all gin newbies can here Read about how to mix a gin and tonic, including 5 tips for the perfect gin and tonic.

Below we have put together four recipes from other gin classics, some of which your parents might already know from their youth.

1. Negroni

The foundation stone for this classic gin, which we now know as Negroni, was laid in Italy around 100 years ago. Prepared a little differently back then, over time a recipe has become established that is now served - with slight variations - in bars all over the world: gin, vermouth and Campari in the same or similar proportions with an orange zest, or more rarely also an orange slice Glass. Traditionally made directly in a glass, the three ingredients are now usually stirred cold in a mixing glass with ice cubes. In addition to an ice-cold drink, this also creates melted water, which somewhat defuses the high alcohol content of the cocktail.

3 cl red vermouth
3 cl Campari

2. Gin Fizz

Like sours, fizzes are available in different variations and with different spirits, as their basic principle is a sour infused with soda water. Accordingly, there are various opinions circulating about the recipe for the sparkling cocktails, as well as the name. For example, the Gin Fizz is often equated with a Collins, as the two drinks are very similar and virtually identical in preparation. Ultimately, it's the amount of soda water that makes all the difference. What there is no doubt about, however, is that the Gin Fizz has been around longer than you have and can therefore rightly claim the title of gin classic.

Gin Fizz
3 cl fresh lemon juice
2 cl sugar syrup
soda water


When aviation emerged, airplanes were nowhere near as ubiquitous as they are today. This is probably why today's classic was named at the beginning of the 20th century after the then emerging aviation, because its color is also reminiscent of the sky. The fact that the drink is more likely to be drunk in selected cocktail bars than at the home bar is probably due to two ingredients: Maraschino, a special cherry liqueur and Crème de Violette, a violet liqueur, which is also responsible for the special color of the classic gin cocktail. Whether at home or at a trusted bar, anyone who has ever drunk a well-mixed Aviation knows why the drink has not been forgotten for over a hundred years.

1 cl maraschino
1 cl crème de violette
3 cl fresh lemon juice

4. Gimlet

The Gimlet is a gin cocktail classic that does not contain any exotic ingredients, does not require several years of bartender training to prepare it, and has nevertheless been firmly anchored in bar menus for over a century. Of course, this drink has also undergone various variations over time, which is why there is no one documented original recipe. For the sake of freshness, we use freshly squeezed lime juice and simple sugar syrup instead of Lime Juice Cordial in this recipe - if you don't mind the effort, you can also use homemade Cordial to give the gimlet a very special touch.

2.5 cl fresh lime juice
2.5 cl sugar syrup

Of course, the list of gin cocktail classics is far from over and we don't want to value any drink less or more. In the end, everyone decides for themselves which cocktail deserves to be called a classic. We hope you enjoy mixing it up and maybe there will be another round of Gin Cocktail Classics with THE DUKE!