Global Club mit THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin

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5cl Cacao Nibs fatwashed THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin*

0.5 cl Pampelle Ruby L'Apero Bitter Aperitif

2 cl homemade raspberry scrub**

1 cl homemade Togarashi syrup***

1 BL Monin white chocolate syrup

2 cl truffle protein****


Shake all ingredients on ice, followed by a dry shake for perfect foam. Double strain in a pre-chilled cocktail bowl, garnish with homemade chocolate lattices made from dark chocolate with Togarashi powder.

*Production of fatwashed Wanderlust Gin:

Heat and clarify 250 g of sweet cream butter in a saucepan (or use ghee), pour the heated clarified butter into 75 g of Organic Cacao Nibs in a mason jar and close. At the beginning, stir the melted butter regularly, then let the butter cool down. Let the cooled butter with the cacao nibs stand for a day (enfleurage), warm the flavored butter in a mason jar (e.g. in a water bath or gastro dishwasher). Strain warmed liquid butter into a fresh mason jar and add 350ml THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin
add. Gently swirl this mixture a few times and put it in the freezer overnight, break through the frozen layer of fat and strain and filter the flavored (fatwashed) spirit through a cheesecloth.

**Production of raspberry scrub:

2 parts fruit/1 part sugar/1 part fruit vinegar
Put frozen organic raspberries and white sugar in a clean mason jar, let stand at room temperature for three days, sugar absorbs flavors and liquid, add organic raspberry vinegar (e.g. Allgäuer Ölmühle), mix well and strain and filter through a strainer cloth.

***Production of Togarashi Syrup:

Briefly heat 500 ml of water in a pot, add 500 g of white sugar and stir until
the sugar has completely dissolved. Remove the pot from the heat, add 10 g of togarashi powder (Japanese spice mix of chili, mandarin peel, black sesame, nori seaweed, sansho pepper, hemp seeds, poppy seeds) to the pot and let it simmer for about 1 hour (depending on the desired spiciness). .

****Production of truffle protein:

Place organic eggs in a mason jar lined with kitchen paper and add truffle oil over them until
If the kitchen paper has become soaked, leave it at room temperature for at least 2 days in a sealed jar
allow to flavor.