Munich Caraway Mini Set of 2
Munich Caraway Mini Set of 2

Munich Caraway Mini Set of 2

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  • Caraway, lemon peel, anise
  • Full-bodied, spicy, strong
  • Organic & vegan

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Made in Bavaria

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THE DUKE Munich caraway (2 x 10 cl)

Our two fine caraway seeds in a mini set as a gift or to try for yourself: The traditional Munich caraway and our caraway – The Grantler .

Munich caraway

What would Bavarian cuisine be without caraway seeds? Hard to imagine. But the time-honored spice also has a long tradition in liquid form. However, the spirit has been somewhat forgotten in recent decades - wrongly. We now want to counteract this and have brought the traditional Munich caraway back to life. The result is a full-bodied, clear liqueur with a strong but subtle note of caraway, distilled - as always with THE DUKE - from purely organic ingredients.

Caraway – The Grantler

People also like to grumble in Munich, no question about it. When the tram is late again, the weather is not to your liking, a cyclist strays onto the sidewalk for a few meters or the beer prices have risen again. Even if not everyone likes it, just like the Frauenkirche and the Oktoberfest, the Grant is also at home in the Bavarian capital. We pay tribute to all those lovable, grumpy people with our Kümmel – Der Grantler .

The “Grantler caraway” is significantly less sweet than its brother, the original Munich caraway. The caraway distillate is additionally refined with a caraway macerate, which gives the Grantler an even more robust yet fine caraway note, as well as the noble amber color. Made for all those who don't always have to live in sweet harmony, but also want to let out what doesn't suit them.

Both caraways are best enjoyed as a chilled digestif to fully enjoy the effects of the caraway seeds.

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In the nose

Elegant, harmonious, with a fresh, slightly fruity note and caraway.

On the palate

Full-bodied and elegantly fresh, slightly spicy with a pleasant note of caraway.


Caraway, lemon peel, anise, fennel, orange peel