Tasting Notes


Fine distillates and extracts of juniper berries, lemons, oranges, rosemary, cloves and nutmeg

The taste

Fruity and spicy with fine citrus notes



Have you always wanted to know how we make our THE DUKE Astonished ?

Then pay attention: Our distillers hand-create an intensive base in our factory made of fruity-Mediterranean botanicals such as juniper, rosemary and orange and spicy ingredients such as nutmeg, tonka bean and clove.

In the next step everything is mixed with water. Lemon provides the necessary refreshment and a little sugar for a balanced sweetness! After gentle filtration, our THE DUKE Entgeistert is ready with its characteristic gin aromas - the perfect base for your non-alcoholic cocktail .

Are you looking for even more drinks? You can find more recipes with our THE DUKE Entgeistert below or on our drinks page .

Our fillers

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