The Calm mit THE DUKE Rough Gin

The Calm


5cl THE DUKE Rough Gin

1 cl Chartreuse Jaune

4 cl persimmon shrub*

1 drop of CBD oil (e.g. from HANFGÖTTIN)


Put all ingredients except the CBD OIL in a shaker and shake for about 10 seconds. Strain the finished drink into a cocktail glass with a King Cube. Pour the CBD OIL directly onto the King Cube so that the aroma can develop in the glass.

*Manufacture Persimmon Shrub

150 g persimmon

75 g white balsamic vinegar

25g apple cider vinegar

100g honey

1 teaspoon green Sichuan pepper

Wash the persimmons and cut them into cubes approx. 1 cm thick. Place the green Szechuan pepper in a mortar and grind. Pour all the ingredients into a preserving jar with a swing top and let it steep for about 48 hours at room temperature. Grind the finished shrub with a hand blender to obtain a creamy consistency. Then store in the refrigerator.