The creation of a refined product starts with the selection of its ingredients. For the production of our distillates we exclusively use herbs and spices from carefully chosen organic farmers. The extraordinary aromas of untreated juniper berries allowed for only this choice. Therefor all our products are certified organic.

The juniper berries are accompanied by coriander seeds, lemon zest, angelica root, lavender blossoms, ginger root, orange blossoms, cubeb pepper and five additional botanicals. A distinctive Bavarian character is created by the addition of hop blossoms and malt, which are the final two of the 13 botanicals that give this gin its unique character. As a result, the THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin, with its 45% vol., has a strong personality, one that even evolves in mixed drinks.


THE DUKE Rough Gin Freisteller 0,7l

When working with a variety of botanicals on a daily basis, you start appreciating every single one of them for its own characteristics. So, one day, while shredding juniper berries, we had the idea to create a gin, that pays homage to every gin’s most important ingredient – juniper. In order for the juniper aroma to take centre stage in THE DUKE Rough Gin, the “total reduction” to only 5 botanicals, was essential. While coriander seeds act as sidekick, orange zests provide a fresh citrus aroma. Hop and malt top off our THE DUKE Rough Gin and give it a rounded taste.


THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin 0,7l Freisteller

One day, we felt the strong desire to wander, so we set out to find the duke among gins a new residence in Munich’s countryside. Along the path, we were overwhelmed by Bavaria’s botanical variety. Finally, at our destination in Aschheim near Munich, we let our findings inspire us to create THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin.

It contains of classics like juniper and coriander seeds, but especially fine blossoms, such as edelweiss, cornflower, arnica blossoms, rose petals and corn poppy, are responsible for the smooth honey aroma. Raspberry bushes by the wayside provide the recognizable fruity flavor. There is no rule without an exception: Cocoa beans from far away ensure a full-flavored body. Hop and malt mildly top off our THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin.



The LION’s Munich Handcrafted Vodka, with its pure, soft and clear appearance, carries all the virtues of a noble vodka. Wheat, rye, barley and spelt impart a delicate and yet distinctive taste of grain to our LION’s Vodka. A gentle filtration after distillation and its 42% vol. provide a fully flavored “Eastern Style” Vodka with a long, smooth finish.



Max & Daniel’s Ginger Liqueur accompanies our product range in the best way possible. Quality and exceptional taste start with the careful selection of only the finest ingredients. Natural and untreated organic farming ensures remarkable results: ginger root from India, a delicately fruity Jamaican rum, combined with brown cane sugar from Argentina, create a subtle sweetness followed by a pleasant tingle on the palate.