The Bavarian Hero

The Bavarian Hero
2. November 2018 Valerie Schmitt

by Sembo & Team (The Old Jacob, Bonn)


5 cl THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin or THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin

2 cl fresh lemon juice

2 cl raspberry syrup

1 BS sweet mustard (i.e. Händlmaier)

3-4 leaves of tarragon

8-10 cl Dry Tonic Water



Pour gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and mustard into a shaker. Add 3-4 leaves of tarragon and muddle. Shake for 15-20 seconds and then strain into a frosted high ball glass filled with ice twice. Fill up with dry tonic water and stirr. Garnish with a twig of tarragon and a small salt pretzel for the Bavarian touch. Cheers!

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