The creation of a refined product starts with the selection of its ingredients. For the production of our products we exclusively use herbs and spices from carefully chosen organic farmers. The extraordinary aromas of untreated juniper berries allowed for only this choice. Therefor all our products are certified organic.

»And so the greatest work may stand. One mind equal to a thousand hands.« (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

The juniper berries are accompanied by coriander seeds, lemon zest, angelica root, lavender blossoms, ginger root, orange blossoms, cubeb pepper and five additional botanicals. Hop blossoms and malt indicate the place of origin of this gin and are the final two of 13 botanicals, that are responsible for its unique character.

So, when the distillers come together to grind juniper berries and peel lemons by hand, a wonderfully fresh and spicy aroma fills the old distillery and announces the next distillation.

& Distillation

We have chosen the classical method of gin production, with pre-maceration and following distillation. The botanicals are prepared in an alcohol-water mixture and leached out overnight. The intensity of the aromas, released by the macerated botanicals in the process, is responsible for the smoothness and depth of THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin. The fine wheat-rye flavors of the ethanol carry those of the herbs, but discretely remain in the background.

Our copper still, manufactured in an old coppersmith’s, bears the proud name ‘Carl’. Since 2008 it has served us with eager enthusiasm.


After fusing the distillate with water, a process called ‘marriage’, the gin rests for 4 to 6 weeks in steel tanks. Subsequently the distillate is filled, bottled, and labelled in our brick-built manufactory, finalizing  ‘THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin’.

»Cenosillacaphobia—the fear of an empty glass.« (Urban Dictionary)

We often remember filling each bottle by hand with a funnel, laboriously sticking the labels onto each bottle with nothing but ordinary stencils and involuntarily working out by carrying boxes up and down the stairs from and to the production in the basement. Piece by piece, new machinery was installed to improve the workflow and simplify the production process. At the thought of the technical progress of the last few years, we are overcome by a feeling of relief and satisfaction.



„I can resist everything but temptation.“ (Oscar Wilde)

These words have some element of truth. Abstinence isn’t our most developed virtue. As the vibrant bar scene produces miscellaneous cocktail creations using the multilayered juniper distillate, it was important to satisfy wide-ranging savors.