THE DUKE Gin – Limited Art Edition

THE DUKE Gin – Limited Art Edition
26. Juli 2016 Timo Specht
Gin Kunstedition Sammlerset

The distinct character of THE DUKE Gin in six limited art editions


A delight for all senses!

In addition to being a culinary pleasure for every gin enthusiast, THE DUKE Gin is now also a visual ‘Schmankerl’. In close collaboration with three artists of the Munich-based FYFY Collective we have created a limited art edition. Six unique labels resulted from the collaborative work, which reflect the distinct character of THE DUKE Gin. While the Bavarian might call this ‘Freunderlwirtschaft – cronyism’ we call it an impeccable symbiosis!

As we share both our home – Munich – as well as our passion for true craftsmanship, the creation of something unique, which simultaneously represents local inspiration, is our greatest aspiration.

The outcome is extraordinary:

Gin Kunstedition_THE DUKE Gin_Sammlung


Always have fine spirits encouraged creative outbursts and innovative thinking. We started with the search for artists most suitable for the project. Not only should they share our philosophy and the DUKE’s values, but also the ties to our city of origin, Munich. Furthermore, the individual artists’ stylistic directions should be expressed by the respective labels on our bottles.

We are proud to present the project’s outcome: Linda Nübling „Copper Edition“Annette Granados Hughes „Munich Magic Edition“ & Gabe “Gin des Lebens – The MeanGin of Life” have illustrated their interpretation of our gin’s spirit by creating two individual labels respectively.

This limited art edition is pure sensuality. The unique works are now available in limited edition in our Online Shop (Shipping only to German addresses). Every individual label is limited to 2,000 bottles!

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