Allem kann ich widerstehen nur der Versuchung nicht.

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THE DUKE Gin – Munich Dry Gin

How the story of THE DUKE Distillery began…


At the beginning, THE DUKE resided in a quiet backyard in the heart of Munich, where the distillery’s founders revived the forgotten tradition of distilleries within the city walls.

Over the years, the company as well as its customer base grew steadily. Piece by piece, new machinery was installed to improve the workflow and simplify the production process. However, the capacity of the site soon reached its limit and it became clear, that the ducal gin would need a larger domain.

In addition to the new machines a second still has joined the DUKE’s production. The new still is noticeably larger than the original ‘Carl’ and bears the name ‘Carl II’. Forged from copper and manufactured in the same blacksmith’s shop as ‘Carl I’, it guarantees the THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin’s and the LION’s Vodka’s distinct characters.

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