Hibiscus Gin Sour

Hibiscus Gin Sour
8. August 2018 Valerie Schmitt
THE DUKE Gin Drink "Hibiscus Gin Fizz" Freisteller


9 cl THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin

2 cl lemon juice

½ tsp hibiscus syrup (self made)

1 TL Chambord

1 egg white


Ingredients for hibiscus syrup:

230 ml water

120 g sugar

85 g dried hibiscus flowers


Preparation Hibiscus Syrup:

Heat water and sugar in coated pan until sugar is completely dissolved. Add dried hibiscus flowers and allow to infuse at low heat for about 15 minutes, while stirring. Take the pan from the stove and allow to infuse for another 20 minutes. Use strainer to fill into a glass bottle.



Pour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Strain into a tumbler filled with ice.

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