Welcome to our Distillery Blog

Welcome to our Distillery Blog
9. Februar 2016 admin-datema

THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin’ – After countless test distillations exceeded only by the number of tastings, the first 100 handbottled DUKEs left the basement of our quiet distillery in the heart of Munich in late 2008. Roughly 8 years have passed since, and as the copper still continues to warm the brick-built factory walls, so does the inextinguishable flame that blazes in our passionate hearts. It is our greatest aspiration to produce a juniper distillate of the highest quality for you – our customers.

We would be delighted to grant you further insights in our everyday life at the distillery. This distillery blog will deliver information about gin production, the specific botanicals used and why German gin is worth enjoying. It will show the historical background of gin and provide current trends in the international bar scene.

You can discover all of these things on our distillery blog, “THE DUKE Tales”.


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