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When the enchanting aromas of juniper berries, fresh lemon zests, ginger roots, hop blossoms and many other delicious botanicals rise from the copper still, visitors know, that another batch of delightful THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin is being manufactured. From 2008 until 2016 this aroma pervaded the streets of Munich’s Maxvorstadt. Now THE DUKE of all gins leaves its nest and sets out to claim new realms: At the gates of Munich, in Aschheim, the DUKE opens the ‘vitreous distillery’.

At the beginning, THE DUKE resided in a quiet backyard in the heart of Munich, where the distillery’s founders revived the forgotten tradition of distilleries within the city walls. Over the years, the company as well as its customer base grew steadily. Piece by piece, new machinery was installed to improve the workflow and simplify the production process. However, the capacity of the site soon reached its limit and it became clear, that the ducal gin would need a larger domain.[/sf_visibility]

At At the end of 2016, the distillery moved to Aschheim near Munich, or more precisely, to an old abandoned distillery, built in the 19th century, where tradition and modernity are given the possibility to merge. Those, who are curious, can sneak a peek of the new location on social media or join a guided tour through the distillery including a gin tasting. The new production site changes the status quo:

Dusky lights in the basement are replaced by light-flooded rooms, suburban romance substitutes the cities vibrating heart, the wire rope hoist is superseded by a freight elevator.

The new production facilities raise the bar of manufacturing and improve every single step of production considerably. With this step in the company’s evolution it braces itself for the future.

In addition to the new machines a second still has joined the DUKE’s production. The new still is noticeably larger than the original ‘Carl’ and bears the name ‘Carl II’. Forged from copper and manufactured in the same blacksmith’s shop as ‘Carl I’, it guarantees the THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin’s and the LION’s Vodka’s distinct characters. ‘Carl I’, the original still used from day one, also relocated alongside the passion for delicacies, true craftsmanship, connectedness to home and the unwearying love for gin. Today still every bottle passes the distillers’ hands multiple times before the finished good leaves the distillery.

The charming atmosphere of the brick-built distillery in combination with the elements of modernity and latest technologies gives the distillery its welcoming character. With this project, the founders’ vision of a ‘vitreous distillery’ comes to life: The doors are officially opened for ginthusiasts, curious people and those fond of exquisite delicacies. Everyone is invited to join a guided tour, visit our distillery shop and taste the fine spirits. The open and transparent atmosphere of the new site makes the craftsmanship palpable and the botanicals’ aromas traceable. During one of our guided tours, visitors can experience and comprehend every step of the distilling process from the raw ingredients to the finished products.

These wonderful new walls are not only a harbor for passion and dedication, which can be felt in every corner of the building, but also a new home for one of Munich’s great originals.


The welcoming banks of the Isar have already persuaded Duke ‘Henry the Lion’ to thrive in this town. After tearing down a famous bridge he paved the way for the foundation of Munich in 1158 by building a renewed bridge, which would consequently turn the monk settlement ‘Munichen’ into a wealthy village.

“Teetotaller: a person who cannot resist the temptation of robbing themselves of pleasure.” (Ambrose Bierce)

In thankful devotion, we dedicate our Munich Dry Gin to the noble spirit of our namesake, the Duke. We are certain that Henry himself would have enjoyed “THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin”.

Herzog Heinrich der Löwe als Duke Namensgeber

Other Products

LION’S Vodka

Like all our products the LION’s Vodka is crafted and bottled by hand in our distillery. Henry the Lion, Duke of Bavaria and founder of Munich in 1158, inspired the name, and his powerful character is the underlying nature of this vodka.


Ginger Liqueur

Max & Daniel’s Ginger Liqueur accompanies our product range in the best way possible. Quality and exceptional taste start with the careful selection of only the finest ingredients. Natural and untreated organic farming ensures remarkable results: ginger root from India, a delicately fruity Jamaican rum, combined with brown cane sugar from Argentina, create a subtle sweetness followed by a pleasant tingle on the palate.

THE DUKE Gin – Limited Art Edition

A delight for all senses! In addition to being a culinary pleasure for every gin enthusiast, THE DUKE Gin is now also a visual ‘Schmankerl’. Always have fine spirits encouraged creative outbursts and innovative thinking. It is therefore a delight for us to present an extraordinary cooperation with the creative collective FYFY.

The outcome: The three Munich-based artists Linda Nübling, Anette Granados Hughes, and Gabe have illustrated their interpretation of our gin’s spirit by creating two individual labels respectively.

In close collaboration with the creative minds the labels reflect the distinctive character of Bavaria’s first gin. These unique works are limited to 2,000 bottled respectively and are now available in our Gin Online Shop (Shipping only to German addresses).