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One evening in the autumn of 2007, two young gentlemen came together to appreciate a well-earned Gin & Tonic after work. The night progressed and as the friends blended and consumed multiple variations of the cocktail, they started to discover an unmistakable truth. However pleasant the drinks were, a certain ingredient seemed to be missing. Unsatisfied, with the existing products they made a bold decision: To take things into their own hands, quit their jobs and craft a truly unique Gin.

Aquiet backyard in the heart of Munich became the birthplace of their creation. After one long year of testing, crafting, and undergoing small modifications of the recipe, the first bottled ‘THE DUKEs’ left the basement of the distillery in 2008. With that they had created a gin which stayed true to its organic and local roots. Suplied by carefully selected producers and local farmers ‚THE DUKE‘ is granted a one of a kind taste. Since then, the specially manufactured copper still has been steaming and bubbling tirelessly.

Looking back, we are fiercely proud of the role ‘THE DUKE’ has played in the renaissance of our beloved juniper spirit. As pioneers of German gin we will be taking the next major step in developing our distillery. Things remain ‚GINteresting‘.


The welcoming banks of the Isar have already persuaded Duke ‘Henry the Lion’ to thrive in this town. After tearing down a famous bridge he paved the way for the foundation of Munich in 1158 by building a renewed bridge, which would consequently turn the monk settlement ‘Munichen’ into a wealthy village.

“Teetotaller: a person who cannot resist the temptation of robbing themselves of pleasure.” (Ambrose Bierce)

In thankful devotion, we dedicate our Munich Dry Gin to the noble spirit of our namesake, the Duke. We are certain that Henry himself would have enjoyed “THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin”.

Other Products

LION’S Vodka

Like all our products the LION’s Vodka is crafted and bottled by hand in our distillery. Henry the Lion, Duke of Bavaria and founder of Munich in 1158, inspired the name, and his powerful character is the underlying nature of this vodka.


Ginger Liqueur

Max & Daniel’s Ginger Liqueur accompanies our product range in the best way possible. Quality and exceptional taste start with the careful selection of only the finest ingredients. Natural and untreated organic farming ensures remarkable results: ginger root from India, a delicately fruity Jamaican rum, combined with brown cane sugar from Argentina, create a subtle sweetness followed by a pleasant tingle on the palate.

THE DUKE Gin – Limited Art Edition

A delight for all senses! In addition to being a culinary pleasure for every gin enthusiast, THE DUKE Gin is now also a visual ‘Schmankerl’. Always have fine spirits encouraged creative outbursts and innovative thinking. It is therefore a delight for us to present an extraordinary cooperation with the creative collective FYFY.

The outcome: The three Munich-based artists Linda Nübling, Anette Granados Hughes, and Gabe have illustrated their interpretation of our gin’s spirit by creating two individual labels respectively.

In close collaboration with the creative minds the labels reflect the distinctive character of Bavaria’s first gin. These unique works are limited to 2,000 bottled respectively and are now available in our Gin Online Shop (Shipping only to German addresses).

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