THE DUKE Event Bar

You have a fantastic location, but you’re still missing the right bar?

Have your drinks mixed live on site by a professional bartender. Our event bar is the eye-catcher at every event. All cocktail creations are freshly mixed by our The Duke bar team with lots of love and the best ingredients. No wishes remain unfulfilled here.

The THE DUKE Event Bar is flexible adaptable.

We’ll come with our complete equipment; bar, bartender, glasses, spirits, side drinks, decoration & ice to any desired location.

For larger celebrations you can also book our Bar Trailer.

The following basic packages are available:


  • 100 THE DUKE Gin & Tonic Creations
  • 3 different THE DUKE gins
  • Professional Barkeeper for 2 hours + 1,5 hours for preparation and follow-up
  • Botanicals, fruit & herbs, ice

Price: from 1.998€*

Each additional Gin & Tonic only 8€*

Costs for individualised packages or additional hours by arrangement

*plus VAT.

From 35 people

  • Barkeeper for 3 hours  
  • Flat rate for drinks (soft drinks/beer/wine/cocktails/long drinks)  


Price:  49€* per person

Costs for additional hours by agreement

*plus VAT.

The following is included in all packages:

  • Journey up to a distance of 30km
  • Bar decorations in THE DUKE Style 
  • Ice for all the drinks 
  • Glasses
  • Live mixing, good vibes and entertainment

Drink selection

Other drinks are available on request

Gin & Tonic Variationen

The Duke Gin & Tonic mit Minze und Erdbeeren

Munich Mule

THE DUKE Steinkrug mit Munich Mule, Gurken und Limette

Gin Sour Variations

Vodka Sour mit Hibiskus infusioniertem LION's Vodka

Gin Collins Variations


Duchess Lemonade


Bavarian Negroni

Bavarian Negroni mit THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin, Mondino Amaro Bavarese und Amanero

Munich Basil Mule


Bavarica & Tonic

Cocktail mit THE DUKE FC Bayern Edition im Steinkrug



1. Does my event location have to meet certain requirements?

All you need is enough space and a solid floor so that we can set up our THE DUKE Event Bar.

2. Do I need to bring anything for the event? 

All you have to bring is yourself, your friends and lots of good vibes. We’ll take care of everything else.

3. Can I choose which drinks are served?

Yes, you can choose the drinks from our portfolio. We have several cocktail variations from which you can choose. There is also a selection of non-alcoholic creations that can also be mixed at your event.

4. Can I rent THE DUKE Event Bar by itself?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to book THE DUKE Event Bar without one of the packages.

5. Is it possible to book several packages at the same time?

You have planned a larger event? Then you can also book several packages for a single event. Just send us an enquiry with the different packages you would like to have. We will then clarify everything else individually.

6. How far can the THE DUKE Event Bar travel? 

No matter where your event is, we’re happy to come. The journey will then be calculated and charged at a flat rate depending on the region.

7. The right package is not listed here but I would still like to have THE DUKE Event Bar at my event, is that possible? 

If you can’t see the perfect package for you, please send us an enquiry and we will try to include all your wishes in an individual package.

8. Can THE DUKE Event Bar also be rented for several days at once?

Sure! You’re planning an event that lasts several days and want to have THE DUKE Event Bar with you? We are happy to provide you with our delights over several days.


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