Name: Andreas Barth

Function: Production & Shipping

Super Power: Sleeping

Favorite Drink: Beer

Motto: When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

Name: Andreas Hofner

Function: Apprentice Distiller

Super Power: Mind reading

Favorite Drink: Corn ‘n’ Oil

Motto: Nobody said it would be easy!

Name: Andreas Türler

Function: Distiller

Super Power: Gin making is a superpower, right?

Favorite Drink: Old Fashioned

Motto: Tomorrow is the day before the day after tomorrow, which is yesterday.

Name: Bartholomäus “Bartl” Altmann

Function: Production & Shipping

Super Power: Excperience

Favorite Drink: Whisky Sour

Motto: The grass does not grow faster when you pull it.

Name: Carlo

Function: Feelgood Management

Super Power: Highest cuddle factor

Favorite Drink: Puddles on the side of paths

Motto: 22 hours of sleep a day have to be enough.

Name: Charlotte Fronk

Function: Head of Marketing & Communications

Super Power: Bubbling over with ideas

Favorite Drink: Gin Basil Smash

Motto: The gang is my team

Name: Christian Stracke

Function: National Sales Management – Gastronomy

Super Power: BBQ’s

Favorite Drink: Tom Collins

Motto: Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Name: Eike Köster

Function: THE DUKE Bar Manager

Super Power: Ironic Communication

Favorite Drink: Beer / Old Fashioned

Motto: There is nothing better than something good.

Name: Georg “Magic” Zwiehoff

Function: Generall Management

Super Power: Magic

Favorite Drink: Negroni

Motto: The whole vortex strives upwards; you think you are pushing, but you are being pushed.

Name: Hannes Ganz

Function: Key Account Management – Trade

Super Power: Always Ready

Favorite Drink: Gin Basil Smash

Motto: Just Do It!

Name: Ilka Klaus

Function: Purchase & Order Processing

Super Power: Green Thumb

Favorite Drink: Red Wine

Motto: Better now than later!

Name: Julia Kober

Function: Social Media Coordinator

Super Power: (Photo)shooting(s) & photo-shopping beer foam

Favorite Drink: Kober Libre

Motto: There can’t be enough blue hearts on social media.

Name: Kordula Voss

Function: Finance, Accounting and Human Resources

Super Power: An Eye For Numbers

Favorite Drink: Aperol Spritz, Munich Basil Mule

Motto: Perfect is just about good enough.

Name: Manuel Biedermann

Function: Sales

Super Power: Seeing the good in everything and everyone.

Favorite Drink: Gin Tonic, Mai Tai

Motto: Nothing comes from nothing!

Name: Marco Bischlager

Function: System Administration & Production

Super Power: In attendance

Favorite Drink: Gin Tonic

Motto: I’m here by Bike!

Mitarbeiter THE DUKE Destillerie - Team

Name: Maximilian Hermann

Function: Projekt Manager

Super Power: Patience

Favorite Drink: Gin Fizz

Motto: If you have a problem, try to solve it. If you can’t solve it, don’t make a problem out of it.

Name: Maximilian von Pückler

Function: Founder

Super Power: Courageously roll stones onto mountains, which then roll down again.

Favorite Drink: Gin & Tonic, Gin Sour

Motto: There is always a little more

Name: Maximilian Singer

Function: Senior Marketing Manager

Super Power: Staying relaxed and nice under any stress

Favorite Drink: Mojito

Motto: There is only one way to avoid mistakes. To have no more ideas. (Albert Einstein)

Mitarbeiter THE DUKE Destillerie - Team

Name: Nico Lehmann

Function: Key Account Manager – Trade

Super Power: Knows every corner of Berlin

Favorite Drink: Gin & Tonic

Motto: Berlin need more Duke!

Name: Nicole Wyrwich

Function: Sales Assistant

Super Power: Versatile

Favorite Drink: All Floral Drinks

Motto: Also for today a company car is at my disposal!

Name: Rico Grabowski

Function: National Sales Manager – Trade

Super Power: Always has a Plan B

Favorite Drink: Cuba Libre

Motto: Every day you don’t smile is a lost day.

Name: Sebastian Duve

Function: Sales Gastronomy

Super Power: Thinking Positiv

Favorite Drink: Sazerac

Motto: If you do something, do it right.

Name: Sibylle Sattler

Function: Online Marketing Manager

Super Power: Craft-Queen

Favorite Drink: Grapefruit and Rosemary Gin Tonic

Motto: Always be creative!