Winter Vodka Drinks

What is the best vodka drink for the winter?

The days are unbelievably short again and the temperatures are now also showing quite clearly that winter is just around the corner. This is the time of year where you think twice before you leave the house or if you’d rather stay on the sofa under a warm blanket. A cool beer on the balcony is about as appealing as your upcoming taxform. And so the question of the perfect winter drink arises. Is it just a “shot” in hot tea, or do you take a little time for the perfect winter vodka drink? Let us present to you four recipes that work both hot and cold and bring a bit of momentum into grey winter days.


A few ingredients from the sweet jar, a few spices from the shelf, a bottle of good vodka and you’re ready to go. Here are four delicious recipes to mix at home this winter.

  1. LION’s Gingerbread Latte
  2. Black Forest Cherry Vodka
  3. Caramel Vodka Shots
  4. Baked Apple Vodka

1. LION’s Gingerbead Latte

Winter Drink mit LION's Vodka, Lebkuchen, Honig und Milch

Gingerbread belongs to winter, just like ice cream belongs to summer. So what better ingredient is there in a winter drink than the sweet and spicy biscuits you used to steal from your grandparents old metal tin? For this recipe, simply cut gingerbread into small pieces and put it in a cocktail shaker together with the other ingredients. Add a nice gingerbread edge to the glass and you have your first winter vodka drink, that tastes best in front of a warm fire.

Winter Drink mit LION's Vodka, Lebkuchen, Honig und Milch
LION’s Gingerbread Latte
Lebkuchen schneiden für Winter Drink mit LION's Vodka, Lebkuchen, Honig und Milch
Lebkuchenrand am Glas für einen Winter Drink mit LION's Vodka, Lebkuchen, Honig und Milch
Double strain eines Winter Drink mit LION's Vodka, Lebkuchen, Honig und Milch

2. Black Forest Cherry Vodka

Vodka Cocktail mit Kirschen, Apfelsaft und Schokolade

The combination of chocolate and fruit has already proven itself in a wide variety of variations. Whether as chocolate covered fruit at festivals, chocolate ice cream with hot raspberries or in the classic Black Forest gateau. Why shouldn’t this composition also work as a drink? We have created a recipe that will warm your heart. No matter if you drink the cocktail on ice or hot. Click here for the recipe:

Winter Vodka Drink mit Schokolade, Kirschen und LION's Vodka
Black Forest Cherry Vodka
3 BS Cherry juice
4 cl Apple juice
1 cl Lime juice
2 BS Apricot Jam
8 Cherries
→ Details about the drink

3. Caramel Vodka Shots

Vodka mit Karamell in Shot Gläsern

Small but powerful. This short saying is once again exactly right here. We think it doesn’t always have to be a complex drink, it can also be a simple, small but nice shot. And who can resist caramel? The preparation is very easy and the taste is excellent. Simply dissolve approx. 30 g of caramel in 100 ml of vodka, thats it. If you like it a little sweeter, just add a little more caramel. The Caramel Vodka Shots can be enjoyed ice cold or as a warm shot. Therefore they can definitely been seen as the winter alternatives to Russian Cocaine.

4. Baked Apple Vodka

Zubereitung Winter Vodka Drink mit Bratapfel und LION

Who’s mouth doesn’t start watering when they hear the words baked apple? The smell alone, that fills the kitchen when apples sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar begin to get hot in the oven and the sugar caramelises… we can’t get enough of this delicious “winter fruit” and were therefore convinced that this delicacy is worth trying in liquid form. The result is delicious and can be enjoyed either pure or in a 50:50 mixture with clear apple juice – hot or cold.

Winter Vodka Drink mit Bratapfel infused Vodka
Baked Apple Vodka
Winter Drink mit Bratapfel und LION's Vodka

We wish you a wonderful Advent season and hope that these recipes will bring a little compensation for the closed bars and Christmas markets. Enjoy mixing the drinks and share your results with us by linking us on Instagram or Facebook.