Unfair X THE DUKE Ltd. Rough Gin 2.0

Good reputation in bad circles

Due to the high demand for the first edition that we released in December 2020, we have done it a second (and last) time: Together with the street and sportswear label Unfair Athletics, the Unfair X THE DUKE Ltd. Rough Gin Edition 2.0 will be released on Friday the 2nd of July 2021. As a sort of negative version of last year’s black bottle. The new bottle shines in bright white with a black Unfair X THE DUKE logo. The content of the special edition, that is limited to 2,000 bottles, is once again our honest and outspoken THE DUKE Rough Gin.

Barkeeper mixt Gin & Tonic mit Unfair x The Duke Gin

At the beginning of December 2020, the first limited UNFAIR x THE DUKE Rough Gin Edition was literally snatched right out of our hands. The server of our online shop went to its knees due to the many requests and in less than five minutes after the launch, all black bottles were already sold out.

We didn’t want to let that sit on our backs and started planning a second limited edition with Unfair Athletics a short time later. This time, we decided to switch around the colors – black was changed to white and white was changed to black. All 2,000 bottles were corked by hand, packed in the characteristic paper bags and tied with a specially made arm band.

Verpackte The Duke Gin Flaschen der limitierten Unfair x THE DUKE Rough Gin Edition

Unfair Athletics, grown from a small backroom production into a complete lifestyle – for all the different personalities that are out there. As in THE DUKE distillery, the work there is done with passion and attention to detail. With a lot of passion, a large network in different subcultures, the brand and its clothes stand for 100% authenticity. When there are so many parallels between two brands, it literally cries out for a cooperation and we are very happy to be launching the second round of the Unfair x THE DUKE Rough Gin.

Flaschenabfüllung THE DUKE
Flaschenabfüllung Unfair x THE DUKE Rough Gin
Abgefüllte Flaschen der Unfair x THE DUKE Rough Gin Limited Edition

The contents: When dealing with a multitude of herbs and spices on a daily basis, the appreciation for each and every one grows continuously. THE DUKE ROUGH Gin is dedicated to juniper berries, the most important ingredient of any gin. Thus, the strong juniper in all its fruity-tart glory dominates the performance of the ROUGH Gin. A little coriander and the orange peel, that have already proven their worth in the DUKE & Tonic, provide a pleasant freshness. Our two classics hops and malt round off THE DUKE ROUGH Gin in the usual mild way.

Organic quality

Alcohol content: 42% vol

Content/Bottle: 70cl

Korken der Unfair x THE DUKE Limited Edition
Vier Flaschen der weißen Unfair x THE DUKE Limited Edition
Eiswürfel für Drink mit Unfair x The Duke Rough Gin

The Unfair X THE DUKE Rough Gin is available from Friday the 2nd of July 2021 in our Online Shop.