THE DUKE – FC Bayern Munich Edition

Liberalitas Bavarica is our fourth gin creation and an interplay of two Bavarian originals: THE DUKE distillery and the German record holding bundesliga champion FC Bayern Munich. The selection of 12 botanicals refresh the classic gin landscape with a touch of innovation and puts a fruity hop note in the spotlight. Liberalitas Bavarica stands for an open-minded, sociable, Bavarian self-image. The red and white on the bottles proudly represents its origin, from Holledau hops to the Allianz Arena. The new edition is now playing in its own league and a limited quantity will be available from the 4th of November 2020 here in the Online Shop and directly at the distillery. It will also be avliable in the FCB Online Store, in FCB Fan Shops and in retail stores at a recomended list price of € 34.90 per 0.7 l bottle.

70 cl Flasche THE DUKE Gin FC Bayern München Edition Liberalitas Bavarica

For this Liberalitas Bavarica Gin two iconic bavarian originals have found each other and have created a Gin for all lovers of cultivated drinking culture and fans of FC Bayern München.

As always at THE DUKE, the FC Bayern Edition is made using alot of time, love and juniper berries. Thus the gin is produced in the copper still according to old tradition. 12 herbs and spices are used in Liberalitas Bavarica Gin – 11 in the basic line up, plus hops from the “Holledau” region as the main flavour and distributor of fruity and finely tart nuances.

With this cooperation we want to pay tribute to our home city of Munich and the Bavarian attitude to life. Liberalitas Bavarica is the understanding of the Bavarian identity being both modern and traditional at the same time. Bavarians have always cared alot about socializing, partying together, indulgence and their world-famous beer.

Holz Korken der THE DUKE FC Bayern München Edition Liberalitas Bavarica Gin

The connection between the Munich distillery, named after Duke Henry the Lion, the founder of the city of Munich, and FC Bayern Munich is reflected in the design. In the club colours of FC Bayern München, the design in red and white draws the bow from the Holledau to the Allianz Arena, from the drum of the south curve to the hops and from the Marienkirche to the collective celebration of the great successes. It’s all about the collective cheering as well as the beautiful moments of the cheersing a kick-off. This is also reflected in the design of the matching stone mug. The perfect double pass!

We are ready for the big celebrations and also have the perfect recipe to go with it: Bavarica & Tonic.

Cocktail mit THE DUKE FC Bayern Edition im Steinkrug
Bavarica & Tonic
3 cl Alcohol-free wheat beer (Weißbier)
6 cl Tonic Water
1 Dash Fresh lemon juice
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