THE DUKE distillery started with Max & Daniel’s ginger liqueur back in 2010. The number of enthusiasts of this “niche product” – bottled and labelled by hand alongside the well-known Munich Dry Gin – grew steadily. We are all the more pleased to be able to present two more organic liqueurs from the distillery alongside the well-established ginger liqueur in a new look: a herb liqueur and a sloe liqueur. By the way, our new trio of liqueurs is called FUCHSDEIFESWUID.

0,5 L Flaschen THE DUKE Bio Schlehenlikör, Bio Kräuterlikör und Bio Ingwerlikör

Good things come to those who wait, and after a long development phase, we are pleased to be able to complement our ginger liqueur with two more organic liqueurs. For the first of our new liqueurs we have taken on the native blackthorn, which blossoms beautifully white in spring, but whose fruits are harvested late in the year – at the earliest after the first frost. The unmistakable, sweetish-bitter taste of the sloe berries was worth all the development work and we are proud to have ennobled the dark blue fruits in this fine FUCHSDEIFESWUID sloe liqueur.

For the second new creation, our distillers have brought more than 30 different herbs into harmony. All of them – as usual – from purely organic cultivation. The spicy, bitter, sweet and tangy flavours are balanced and naturally present in our new organic FUCHSDEIFESWUID herbal liqueur. A balance of macerates as well as distillates unite ingredients such as gentian root, bitter orange or violet root with the remaining botanicals in a harmonious way at 35% ABV.

We have retained the trusted recipe of “Max and Daniel’s Ginger Liqueur” for our FUCHSDEIFESWUID and have merely adapted the organic ginger liqueur to our liqueur range in terms of design.

“It is a custom from time immemorial. Those who have worries also have liqueur.” – loosely based on Wilhelm Busch

Our FABELulous liqueur range FUCHSDEIFESWUID comes in the unified ” garment” of stylishly curved 0.5l bottles. Many Bavarian myths, sagas and legends are entwined around mysterious creatures that have influenced the names and design of the liqueurs. The production of these liqueurs is also traditional and they are lovingly handcrafted from the best organic ingredients in our distillery in the suburbs of Munich.

Herstellung THE DUKE Bio Ingwerlikör
Herstellung THE DUKE Bio Ingwerlikör
Herstellung THE DUKE Bio Ingwerlikör

FUCHSDeifesWuid –  Organic Sloe Liqueur

Numerous Bavarian legends speak of the mysterious ‘Wolpertinger’, a creature that has hardly ever been seen by anybody. While we are still on the lookout for this shy mythical creature, we have meanwhile encountered another special treasure of the Bavarian forests, the wonderful blackthorn.

Etiketten auf 500 ml Flasche Bio Schlehenlikör in der THE DUKE Destillerie

FuchsDEIFESWuid – Organic Herbal Liqueur

In the customs of our beautiful Alpine foothills, the devilish figures have a long tradition. According to old folk belief, the realm of the ‘Perchten’ is open during the so called ‘Rauhnächten’ nights. The scary creatures are supposed to be appeased by food and drink placed in front of the door. With our herbal liqueur, we oppose the evil spirits – so that they stay away from us.

Etikett mit Perchten auf 500 ml Flasche Bio Schlehenlikör in der THE DUKE Destillerie
500 ml Flasche Bio Kräuterlikör in der THE DUKE Destillerie

FuchsDeifesWUID – Organic Ginger Liqueur

In the remote Bavarian forests, the dreadful ‘Tatzelwurm’ has always been up to mischief. Its wild, unruly nature resembles the ginger root, which, unlike the ‘Tatzelwurm’, we know how to tame in the most pleasant way.

500 ml Flasche Bio Ingwerlikör in der THE DUKE Destillerie
Etikett mit Percht auf 500 ml Flasche Bio Kräuterlikör in der THE DUKE Destillerie

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