THE DUKE Longdrinks & Filler

Since the days of the “Empire”, connoisseurs have been searching for the perfect tonic water to go with their gin.The search for the perfekt Tonic for THE DUKE Gin has finally come to an end. But in addition to our own tonic water, we now also offer an organic ginger beer for refreshing Moscow and Munich Mules, as well as the long drinks Gin & Tonic and Moscow Mule, also in organic quality – ready to drink in a can.

Gin & Tonic mit THE DUKE Tonic Water und Munich Dry Gin

THE DUKE Tonic Water

THE DUKE Tonic Water in der 200ml Dose

Precisely matched to THE DUKE Gin by our distillers: pleasant bitter notes and fine acidity are rounded off by a fruity sweetness, creating a great, harmonious taste experience. A lot of time, love and only natural ingredients have gone into our refreshing THE DUKE Tonic Water. The Perfect Serve with our Gin – no matter it’s with our classic Munich Dry Gin, Rough Gin or Wanderlust Gin.

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THE DUKE Tonic Water, Gin & Tonic in der Dose im Eis

THE DUKE Ginger Beer

Our THE DUKE Ginger Beer is dominated by ginger in the form of its finely pressed juice. Fruity lime and a hint of lemon provide the necessary freshness. The fine spice of our ginger root is the star of the show. You either love it or it don’t.

As usual, all ingredients are of the best organic quality.

The fact that the birth of our Munich Dry Gin in 2008 coincides with the birth of the Munich Mule is a coincidence – or is it?

Our Ginger Beer is therefore the perfect ingredient for a sparkling THE DUKE Munich Mule or LION’s Moscow Mule.

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Bio Ginger Beer in der 200 ml Dose
Munich Mule mit THE DUKE Bio Ginger Beer
THE DUKE Bio Ginger Beer in der Dose
THE DUKE Munich Mule & LIONs Moscow Mule in der Sonne

Longdrinks – Ready To Drink

Whether you’re out by a river with your friends and there’s no bar nearby, or you’re sitting on the balcony at home and need a quick drink – our long drinks in cans are “ready to drink” anytime and anywhere and still taste freshly mixed. The secret: only the best, natural ingredients of finest organic quality can be found in our long drinks. Created by two distillers with years of experience and a discerning palate.


THE DUKE Gin & Tonic

Gin Tonic ready to drink in der Dose mit THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin und Tonic Water

The number 1 long drink, ready-mixed to take anywhere – with fresh organic ingredients, of course. The new recipe with our own THE DUKE tonic water, which our distillers have perfectly matched to our gin, promises a refreshing taste experience – whether to go or at home!

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THE DUKE Gin & Tonic und LION's Moscow Mule in der Dose am Eisbach

LION’s Moscow Mule

The classic long drink Moscow Mule has certainly contributed to the triumph of vodka since the 1950s. Combine our powerful LION’s Vodka with the subtle spiciness of our THE DUKE Ginger Beers, and you’ll immediately understand why the drink continues to enjoy great popularity in today’s bar culture.

Ready-mixed for on the go or at home – with fresh organic ingredients, of course.

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Moscow Mule ready to drink in der Dose mit LION's Vodka und THE DUKE Ginger Beer
THE DUKE Gin & Tonic und LIONs Moscow Mule Dosen im Wasser