Gin Tonic Ice Cream

Boozy Popsicles for Gintastic Summer Evenings

Yes, you heard right: Gin & Tonic ice cream, because it’s finally summer!

Being gently woken up by the sun, comfortably cycling to work in a breezy summer outfit, spending lunch breaks outside in the sun with colleagues, meeting up with friends after work to enjoy the warm temperatures – in summer, everyday life can be enjoyed carefree and you wish the evenings would never end.

Of course, the one thing you can’t do without on such a balmy summer evenung with friends is a refreshing drink. Gin & tonic definalty is a classic, but we have a recipe for you that will put you in an even better summer mood: Gin & tonic popsicles with cucumber on a stick. (Recipe by the Gourmondo Food Studio)

Here is the recipe for 6 Gin Tonic Popsicles


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Tipp: The ratio of gin to the rest of the ingredients is very important so that the alcohol freezes – we recommend a ratio of 1:17.

4 cl THE DUKE Rough Gin

30 ml Lemon juice (about half a lemon)

650 ml Tonic Water

12 Cucumber slices


Mix all the ingredients in a container and then pour into the popsicle moulds. Skewer the cucumber slices including the stems and stick them onto the moulds. Freeze for 12 hours et voilà – the gin & tonic popsicles are ready!