Gin & Juice

One thing is certain: we all love gin and tonic! But let’s be honest – every now and then we crave something different. For those of you who are looking for an alternative, we have just the right thing: Gin and Juice!

Variationa of Gin & Juice

Gin and Juice can be mixed with many different fruit juices according to everyones taste. Most recipes use either grapefruit, orange or grape juice, but rhubarb or pineapple juice are also possible. There are also recipes that use juice mixes. For example, lemon or lime juice is often added to give the drink a fresh sour note.

Gin & Juice Recipes

We have two recipes for you that are super easy to mix.

Gin & Juice – The Classic
6 cl Grapefruit juice
9 cl Orange juice
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Gin & Juice – The Grape

The beautiful illustrations where done by Paula Vogel.