From Blue To Pink – Gin Cocktails In Fantastic Colours

You want to surprise your guests with purple or pink cocktails or even with cocktails that change colour? We’ll show you how – without any artificial colouring!

Butterfly Pea Tea

The secret ingredient from which you can conjure up several wonderful colours at once is called Butterfly Pea Tea or Butterfly Blossom Tea. It is made from the petals of the plant, which is native to Africa and South East Asia. The natural colour of the tea is a beautiful shade of blue. It is traditionally served with honey and lemon on ice and has a taste reminiscent of black or green tea.


How do you colour gin blue?


To infuse gin with Butterfly Pea Tea, simply pour 2-3 tablespoons of the tea into a gin bottle. After a few minutes the gin will turn blue. As soon as it has reached the desired colour (about 15-20 minutes) you can use a strainer to sieve the tea out et voila!

Cocktails with a WOW-effect

So if you use Butterfly Pea Tea as an ingredient for mixing, you can create colourful cocktails with a wow effect. Depending on the pH value of the other cocktail ingredients with which the tea is mixed, it changes colour from blue to purple to pink. For example, if lemon or lime juice is added, the drink turns pink and in combination with tonic water it turns purple. In combination with hibiscus flowers, however, it turns light red. So when you mix drinks for your guests, make a show of it so they can experience the colour spectacle.

We have two cocktail recipes for you,to witness the blue wonder yourself. So lets’s get behind the bar!

Purple Negroni



5 cl Butterfly Pea Tea Infused THE DUKE Rough Gin
3 cl Vermouth
1 Dash Campari





Pour infused gin and vermouth into a tumbler filled with ice and stir. Top with a Dash Campari and garnish with an orange zest. Caution: The more Campari you add, the more the drink become light red.

Pink Gin Rickey



6 cl Butterfly Pea Tea infused THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin
Juice of half a lime
1 cl Sugar syrup (optional)
Tonic Water
Lime zest





First squeeze the juice of half a lime into a long drink glass filled with ice. Then add infused gin and sugar syrup if you want, then stir. Top up with tonic water and garnish with a lime zest.

The wonderful photos are by Bar Geheimnisse.