Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, Tonic Water und Ginger Beer in der Dose aus der THE DUKE Destillerie

THE DUKE Longdrinks & Filler

Since the days of the "Empire", connoisseurs have been searching for the perfect tonic water to go with their gin.The search for the perfekt Tonic for THE DUKE Gin has finally come to an end. But in addition to our own tonic water, we now also offer an organic ginger beer for refreshing Moscow and ...

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Cocktails für Mädels mit Blumen und Kokosnuss

Gin & Vodka Drinks for Women

What are the best drinks for women? We're going to disappoint you right at the start: there is no such thing as the perfect drink for women. If you search the internet for drinks and cocktails for women, you get an overdose of pink, flowers and recipes that are above all: sweet. Honestly, ladies, we ...

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Bar Equipment selber machen

Home Bar DIY

Due to corona the bars have been closed for far too long now. So if you don't happen to live with a bartender, you probably have not been able to enjoy a freshly mixed drink for a while. Very few households have their own home mixing equipment. Together with the bartender Florian Saxinger, we would ...

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Flaschen der limitierten THE DUKE x Unfair Gin Edition

Unfair X THE DUKE Ltd. Rough Gin

Good reputation in bad circles Together with the street and sportswear label Unfair Athletics we have developed the Unfair X THE DUKE Ltd. Rough Gin Edition. The bottle, which was specially designed for Unfair Athletics, contains our full-bodied, honest THE DUKE Rough Gin. This special edition is limited to 500 bottles and will be avaliable ...

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Leckere Winter Vodka Drinks mit LION's Vodka, Lebkuchen, Bratapfel und Karamell

Winter Vodka Drinks

What is the best vodka drink for the winter? The days are unbelievably short again and the temperatures are now also showing quite clearly that winter is just around the corner. This is the time of year where you think twice before you leave the house or if you'd rather stay on the sofa under ...

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70 cl Flasche THE DUKE Gin FC Bayern München Edition Liberalitas Bavarica

THE DUKE – FC Bayern Munich Edition

Liberalitas Bavarica is our fourth gin creation and an interplay of two Bavarian originals: THE DUKE distillery and the German record holding bundesliga champion FC Bayern Munich. The selection of 12 botanicals refresh the classic gin landscape with a touch of innovation and puts a fruity hop note in the spotlight. Liberalitas Bavarica stands for ...

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Gin & Tonic mit THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin im Longdrinkglas mit Orangenzeste

How To Drink Gin?

Drinking Gin - but how? Gin has remained one of the most popular alcoholic drinks for almost a decade now. There is no end in sight to the hype or the so called renaissance. On the contrary - more and more different brands, bottles and flavours are entering the market. As a result, the juniper ...

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Spritzige Sommer Drinks mit THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin, Wanderlust Ginund Rough Gin in der Sonne

Sparkling Summer Drinks

It's summer - the time of year when people prefer to spend there days and nights outdoors. There are many suitable drinks for this hot season and they all have one thing in common: they are cool and refreshing. But they can also be fruity, which is why we would like to introduce you to ...

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Farbenfrohe Gin Sour Variationen mit THE DUKE Gin, Hibiskus, Safran, Basilikum und Pea Tea

Colourful Gin Sour Variations

Sours are available in countless variations, using a wide variety of spirits. Classics are the Vodka Sour, Whisky Sour, Pisco Sour and the Gin Sour. They are so popular because you don't have to take a cocktail course to be able to mix them, but at the same time they can easily outshine the taste ...

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Infused Duke Gin mit Himbeeren, Blaubeeren, Ingwer, Grüntee, Zitrusschalen, Hibiskus, Zimt

DIY Infused Gin

We have to admit it, the varity of Gin's that are avaliable at the moment is huge. Countless variations from all parts of the world in bottles of every shape and colour fill the shelves in bars and shops. So do you really need to screw a new shelf to your wall to fit all the ...

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Smoked Tea Cocktails

"A Cup of Tea makes everything better" - we have all heard this sentence many times in our life. Where does this saying originate from? We do not want to get involved in speculation on this issue and have simply done what we do best: we mixed three delicious drinks with THE DUKE gin and tea. ...

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Gin Slushies

We have to admit, slushies don't really look amazing in the usual plastic gastro machines with the rotating rollers in them. But homemade from fresh fruit they look completely different and with THE DUKE Gin these slushies really taste mouthwatering. Summer is now finally here, with all the beauty it has to offer. And the ...

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Springtime Gin Collins Variations

There is an endless array of different storys about how the cocktail "Tom Collins" got its name. More importantly there are just as many variations of the drink itself. Even a classic cocktail can vary - we think this is brilliant. We would like to introduce you to a few fruity and colourful Gin Collins ...

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Classic Vodka Cocktails

As you have probably already noticed, we love to experiment with our spirits. Creating new cocktails or even cooking and baking with gin and vodka is super exciting and a lot of fun. However, every now and then it's also nice to go back to real bar classics - after all, these drinks have become ...

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Which Tonic Water Goes With Which Gin?

For the creation of a good gin and tonic the interaction of gin and tonic water is crucial - that obvious. But which tonic water goes with which gin? What is the perfect gin and tonic combination?  We are asked this question very often - understandable, after all there are currently over 100 German gins. ...

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What Gin Types Are There?

When gin experienced a revival a few years ago, the market literally exploded. Nowadays, you can find a considerable number of interesting gins on the shelves of well-assorted retailers and in the bars. One bottle is designed more creatively than the other and the labels are also in competition for the attention of gin lovers ...

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From Blue To Pink – Gin Cocktails In Fantastic Colours

You want to surprise your guests with purple or pink cocktails or even with cocktails that change colour? We'll show you how - without any artificial colouring! Butterfly Pea Tea The secret ingredient from which you can conjure up several wonderful colours at once is called Butterfly Pea Tea or Butterfly Blossom Tea. It is ...

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Gin & Juice

One thing is certain: we all love gin and tonic! But let's be honest - every now and then we crave something different. For those of you who are looking for an alternative, we have just the right thing: Gin and Juice! Variationa of Gin & Juice Gin and Juice can be mixed with many ...

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CBD Cocktails

What is CBD? Cannabinoids are ingredients of the hemp plant. Besides THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most dominant cannabidoids. Both are mainly extracted from the female inflorescences, as the proportion of cannabinoids is highest there. The "high" feeling typically associated with marijuana consumption is triggered by THC. Unlike THC, CBD is not ...

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Gin Tonic Ice Cream

Boozy Popsicles for Gintastic Summer Evenings Yes, you heard right: Gin & Tonic ice cream, because it's finally summer! Being gently woken up by the sun, comfortably cycling to work in a breezy summer outfit, spending lunch breaks outside in the sun with colleagues, meeting up with friends after work to enjoy the warm temperatures ...

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