Vodka Lemon Set: LION’S Vodka & Aqua Monaco Bitter Lemon


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Vodka Lemon Set: consisting of LION’ Vodka 42 % vol. alc. 0,7. l and 6 x 0,23l bottles of Aqua Monaco Bitter Lemon. 

LION’s – Munich Handcrafted Vodka is totally organic and full of character. With its sweet and fruity cereal aromas, it is based on the original form of this spirit. We focused primarily on the grain – the basic ingredient of a fine vodka. Wheat, rye, barley and spelt, all from purely organic cultivation, can be found in the LION’s – Munich Handcrafted Vodka. They give it its subtle yet distinctive grainy flavour. Gentle distillation and restrained filtration ensure that the unadulterated grain aromas are preserved throughout the various stages of production. The result is an “Eastern Style Vodka”.

Aqua Monaco’s Bitter Lemon celebrates the balance between sweet, sour and bitter. In combination with our LION’s Vodka, the result is a long drink with a strong character that provides pure refreshment.


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