THE DUKE Gin & Salbeyer Set


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In the year 2017 the “Salbeyer” (Sage Liquor) was first created… here at THE DUKE Distillery.

A charming couple from Peißenberg, not far from the home of the Duke, came to us with the idea of make a sage liquor. They wanted it to be of the highest quality and as regional as possible. It goes without saying that we could not say no to this. Based on the their home recipe, they worked together with great passion on the development of the liquor and finally produced their “Salbeyer” with the best organic ingredients.

The Salbeyer sage Liquor tastes great on its own, as well as mixed in a variety of cocktails. That’s why we offer it here in a set with our classic Munich Dry Gin. An excellent drink recipe is for example the Tasty Baron.

The set consists of:

1 bottle of THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin 0,7l (45 % vol)

1 bottle of Salbeyer 0,5l (34% vol)

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