“Münchner Kümmel” – Munich Caraway Liquor – 50cl


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What would Bavarian cuisine be without caraway seeds? Hard to imagine. But even in liquid form, this time-honoured spice has a long tradition. However, the spirit has been somewhat forgotten in recent decades – wrongly so. We now want to counteract this and have brought the traditional Münchner Kümmel (Munich Caraway Liquor) back to life. The result is a full-bodied, clear liqueur with a strong but fine caraway note. Just like everything at THE DUKE – we use purely organic ingredients.

Best enjoyed as a chilled aperitif or digestive to fully take advantage of the effects of the caraway seeds. 

For those who like it a little stronger and less sweet, we recommend our Kümmel – Der Grantler (Caraway – The Grouch).



Alcohol content: 35% vol

Contents/bottle: 50cl

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