Mini Gin Tonic Set: THE DUKE Rough Gin & Thomas Henry Tonic


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Mini Gin & Tonic Set (for 2-3 long drinks), consisting of THE DUKE Rough Gin 42 % vol (0,1 l) and 2 bottles of Thomas Henry Tonic Water (0,2 l).

When dealing with a multitude of herbs and spices on a daily basis, the appreciation for each and every one grows continuously.  “THE DUKE ROUGH Gin” is dedicated to juniper berries, the most important ingredient of any gin. Thus, the strong juniper in all its fruity-tart glory dominates the performance of the ROUGH Gin. A little coriander and the orange peel, that have already proven their worth in the DUKE & Tonic, provide a pleasant freshness. Our two classics hops and malt round off  “THE DUKE ROUGH Gin” in the usual mild way.

Thomas Henry Tonic Water is so good because of its high quinine content and slight floral citrus aromas. The cinchona bark’s bitterness is perfectly balanced by the fruity-sweet aromas of the citrus fruit. Thomas Henry Tonic Water is a refreshing taste experience and perfectly pairs with our Rough Gin.

The combination with THE DUKE Rough Gin results in a balanced mild and at the same time strong gin tonic, that you can easily mix at home with this set.


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