THE DUKE und LION’s Longdrink Set

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Some things just belong together, like Gin and Tonic. Together with Aqua Monaco we have decided to revive this and three other liaisons. Therefore, we present to you our 4 Bottled Longdrinks THE DUKE Gin & Tonic, THE DUKE Munich Mule, LION`S Moscow Mule, LION`S Vodka Lemon, and as per usual when it comes to The Duke products, they are all organic. 

THE DUKE und LION’s Long Drink Set: 4 Bottles (1 bottle per type), 10% Vol. Alc., 0,25 L

THE DUKE Gin & Tonic

The search for the perfect Gin & Tonic, began in the days of the “British Empire”. It has now finally come to an end. Let us present THE DUKE Gin & Tonic! The wonderful fresh blend of our THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin and Aqua Monaco Tonic Water was worth the long wait. The delightful composition is completed with the addition of natural orange zest.

LION’s Moscow Mule

The bar classic Moscow Mule has certainly played its part in the triumphal procession of vodka since the 50s. If you combine our powerful LION’s Vodka with the finely spiced Aqua Monaco Hot Ginger Beer, you immediately understand why the drink is still very popular in today’s bar culture.

THE DUKE Munich Mule

Initially this drink was always overshadowed by its big brother, the Moscow Mule. But now it’s time for the modern classic of bar culture, the Munich Mule to shine. THE DUKE Munich Mule: When THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin and Aqua Monaco Hot Ginger Beer meet, a tingling freshness developed, where no palate remained dry.

LION’s Vodka Lemon

Our powerful LION’s Vodka harmonises perfectly with the fresh and tart Aqua Monaco Bitter Lemon to create a wonderful fresh drink with a pleasant bitter taste.

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