“Kümmel – Der Grantler” Caraway Schnapps -The grouch 50 cl + 4 THE DUKE Shotmugs


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In Munich, there is no doubt about it, people like to grouch around. When the tram is late again, the weather doesn’t suit your personal taste, a cyclist gets lost on the pavement for a few meters or the beer prices have risen again. Even if not everybody likes it, the grouch is at home in the Bavarian Capital just like our Beer and the Oktoberfest. We would like to  pay tribute to all those lovable and grouchy people with our Kümmel (caraway schnapps) – Der Grantler (The grouch).

The “Grantler-Kümmel” is much less sweet than its brother, the original Münchner Kümmel (Munich Caraway Liquor). The caraway distillate is additionally refined with a caraway macerate. This gives the Grantler an even more earthy yet fine caraway notes, as well as the noble, amber colour. Made for all those who don’t always have to live in sweet harmony, and don’t mind telling the hard truth sometimes.

This sets comes with four matching shotmugs. Each individual shotmug is lovingly embossed by hand in a German mug factory and then fired in an oven. Thus, each shot mug is unique with a personal touch and makes every shot something special.

Best enjoyed as a chilled aperitive or digestive to fully take advantage of the effects of the caraway seeds. 

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Weight 1,4 kg

1 bottle THE DUKE “Kümmel – Der Grantler” Caraway Schnapps -The grouch 50 cl & 4 shotmugs

Alcohol content

35% vol


50 cl

Volume per shotmug

3 cl


Real salt glazed stoneware


Grey with blue "THE DUKE Distillery" logo

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Shipping only possible within Germany. For legal reasons, no delivery to packing stations.

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