*Salted LION’s Vodka Depending on taste, LION’s Vodka can be pre-salted (e.g. 25 g to 70 cl) or the salt can be added separately to the shaker.   **How to make the Miso Cream Reduction 1 l Cream 850 g Sugar 2,5 EL Miso Paste Bring all ingredients to the boil while stirring until …

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Kiosk Mule – Slushy

Hibiscus Vodka Sour

  *Preparation of the Hibiscus infused Vodka: Put 5 – 8 dried hibiscus flowers into a 0.7 l bottle of LION’s Vodka and let it steep for about 1 hour until the vodka has reached the desired colour. Then strain. For smaller quantities reduce accordingly: for a drink with 5 cl vodka 1-2 hibiscus flowers …

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LION’s Mondino Mule

Tip: Also works great as Munich Mule variation with our THE DUKE Gin instead of LION’s Vodka.    

Skinny Glamour Bitch

Lion’s Homemade Gimlet

*Preparation of the Cordial: Put 100g of lime zests with 1000g of sugar in a vacuum pack and leave to stand for 10 hours in the refrigerator. Dissolve the resulting oleo saccharum in water, sieve out the zests and then bring to the boil. Leave to cool and bottle.


*Preparation of the infused LION’s Vodka: Put 50 g of organic fenugreek seeds in a pot, pour hot water over it and let it swell for about 15 minutes then filter the water. Put the slightly swollen seeds with 400 ml LION’s Vodka into a sealable container or bottle and let it macerate for about …

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LION’s & Cucumber

*Preparation of the fermented cucumber syrup: Slice 1 cucumber, add 1 teaspoon salt. Vacuum the whole thing and let it ferment for four weeks, then press the cucumbers through a sieve and collect the juice. Boil up 1:1 with sugar to a syrup.