Love Grenade

GINgle Bell

Bavarica & Tonic

Halloween Gin Sour

  *How to make the Pumpkin Spice Syrup Pumpkin spice syrup can also be bought in well-assorted stores, but is also relatively easy to make yourself: 500 g Hokkaido Pumpkin 300 ml Water 300 g Sugar 1 Vanilla pod 1/2 Bar Spoon of Cinnamon  5 Cloves 1/4 Bar Spoon of Nutmeg (ground)   Cut the Hokkaido pumpkin …

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Mango Matcha Man

Blueberry Smash

Late Summer Dream

Roughest Toughest Sweety

Strawberry Mint Gin & Tonic


  * How to make the Matcha Cordial 550ml Calpis 400ml Orgeat 1/2 EL Matcha 1 Vanille Bean Boil up all ingredients while stirring. Let them cool down and strain into a bottle twice.