Honey Bunny

*How to make the orange-carrot sherbet Cut 1/2 carrot into thin strips with a peeler, muddle with the zest of one orange in a sealable container and leave to steep overnight in 150 g sugar. Heat this oily sugar with 150 ml freshly squeezed orange juice and stir to dissolve. Let cool and strain.

The Masterful One – ‘Der Meisterliche’

Fall G&T

Apple Munich Mule

GINger Spritz

LOVEnder Spritz

Gin Basil Spritz

Bavarian Summer Berry

  *How to make the Blackcurrant-Herbal-Syrup* Makes approx. 500 ml 350 ml  blackcurranr juice 150 g cane sugar 20 g dried oregano 10 g red pepper 2 pinches of salt Heat the juice and dissolve the sugar while stirring. Grind the salt, pepper and oregano and add to the juice, sugar mixture. Leave to cool …

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Gin Fizz