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Bavarian Negroni

Smoking Chai

Smoking Jasmine

Smoking Earl

Drippin’ Beetroot

Global Club

*Preparation of the fatwashed Wanderlust Gin: Heat 250g of butter in a pot and clarify (or use ghee), pour heated clarified butter into a jar filled with 75g Organic Cacao Nibs and close the jar. In the beginning, toss liquid butter regularly, then let butter cool down. Leave cooled butter with the Cacao Nibs to …

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Botanic Gardens

* Preparation of the tangerine Cordial or Sherbet: 250 ml Tangerine juice (freshly juiced, solids sifted out) 125 g Oleo Saccharum from tangerine peel** 5 g Citric acid Boil all ingredients together until oleo and citric acid are completely dissolved, allow to cool and pour into a clean bottle.   ** Preparation of the Oleo …

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Pink Panda

*Herstellung Tonic Reduktion: 75 ml Quinine tincture 250 g Frozen raspberries, defrosted and pureed 15 g Orange zests 10 g Lemon zests 10 g Citric acid 5 g Dried mint 2,5 g Dried gentian 150 ml Water Vacuum and cook for 30 minutes at 72 °C sous-vide. Then place everything in a pot and simmer with 250 …

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