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One evening in the Autumn of 2007 two young men sat together after completing a long day at work to enjoy a delightful gin and tonic. One glass led to another and their thoughts became more creative and daring, and ideas started to develop….

At a time when the subject of gin was still in a deep sleep, they courageously set about putting an end to this culinary wasteland. For in their eager search for the gin of life, no real satisfaction could be found. Had it not been for their inspiration that night – thanks to their highly spiritual GIN inspiration – they would still be restlessly searching up and down the country for the blessed drink.

»Total abstinence is so excellent a thing that it cannot be carried to too great an extent. In my passion for it, I even carry it so far as to totally abstain from total abstinence itself.« (Mark Twain)

And thus, the ides was born! The home for this noble mission was to be a tranquil backyard and cellar in the heart of Munich, in which a custom-made copper still with the proud name “Carl” bubbles tirelessly day in and day out. The men took a year of development in order to finally bring connoisseurs a new epicurean delight in the autumn of 2008, the “THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin”. And that is how THE DUKE Distillery was founded. Contented and a little bit proud, we can thus call ourselves pioneer of German gin.

Passion and dedication were the basic ingredients that led the two founders Max & Daniel to the beloved juniper distillate. At first, they were only dedicated consumers, but their passion for distilling was soon to come. The distillery has been producing Gin and Vodka by hand since 2008. With its powerful and unique taste, THE DUKE Gin is now considered a culinary treat far beyond the borders of Bavaria.

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Today, 13 years later, the Duke of all Gins resides in a suburb of Munich, more precisely in an idyllic former potato distillery in Aschheim. The small copper still “Carl” is now actively supported by a new much larger still – also handmade out of copper. Not only has the production changed a lot, but also the team of THE DUKE distillery has grown to about 25 people.

Even though THE DUKE has relocated from the Maxvorstadt in the center of Munich to Aschheim a suburb of Munich they have definitely not forgotten the noblest virtues of the DUKE: the combination of old traditional craftsmanship and a lot of dedication is what is used to produce the finest distillates. This can be tasted in every sip.

With THE DUKEs new residence, the founders have fulfilled their dream of a “glass distillery”. Gin-fans as well as curious people are invited to visit the former potato distillery which is now the new residence of THE DUKE distillery. They are welcome to experience guided tours, to enjoy tastings and to be seduced by a drink or two. 

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“The Duke”?

»Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.«

(Ambrose Bierce)

Even Henry the Lion was tempted by the hospitable beaches of the Isar to enjoy many a day there. The founding of Munich in 1158 was accompanied by a noble gesture of the Duke of Bavaria. Thus, he had a bridge demolished elsewhere in order to build a new one at the monks’ settlement “Munichen”.

In grateful devotion we therefore wanted to pay homage to this noble spirit and dedicate our Munich Dry Gin to the Duke who founded our wonderful city. And there is not doubt, that the Duke would have enjoyed our “THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin”.

Our Distillates

Our Products
What began with  THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin has been expanded over the years to a stately assortment of different spirits.

From our two additional Gins  Wanderlust Gin and Rough Gin, to our LION’s Vodka, Ginger Liquor and Caraway Spirits and our ready mixed Bottled Longdrinks  everyone will find pleasure in these organic delicacies. Our products can be found both in the gastronomy – be it in a hip bar in the city or in a fine restaurant – and in the retail trade. Organic markets, supermarkets, delicatessen shops or Bavarian shops with a regional focus have one or the other product from our distillery on their shelves. And so our small distillery in Aschheim is already known and popular far beyond the borders of Germany.

THE DUKE – Munich Dry Gin

Our THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin is the Bavarian version of the juniper distillate, that we presented to the desolate German gin landscape in 2008. Meanwhile it has become a German Gin classic and is known far beyond the borders of Germany. 13 hand-picked botanicals from purely organic cultivation are responsible for the full-bodied aroma. In addition to juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel, angelica root, ginger, lavender flowers and cubeb pepper are added. Hop blossoms and malt round off the gin and provide the genuine Bavarian touch.

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THE DUKE – Rough Gin

THE DUKE Rough Gin is dedicated to the juniper berry, the most important ingredient of any gin. It is not surprising that in the daily handling of a multitude of herbs and spices, the appreciation for every one of them increases continuously.

To give juniper even more room to unfold its powerful aroma, the ingredients have been reduced to just 5 herbs and spices. Coriander acts as a supporting actor and the orange peel, that has already proven to be an excellent garnish for our DUKE & Tonic, provides a pleasant freshness. Our two classics hop blossoms and malt also round off this gin in the usual mild way.


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THE DUKE – Wanderlust Gin

THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin embodies the feeling of wanderlust and the love of home at the same time. The most important ingredients such as juniper, coriander and bitter orange are used. In addition to that the distillate is also refined with hand-picked natural spices from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.. The fine blossoms of edelweiss, cornflower, poppies, arnica and rose give the gin a gentle honey aroma. Raspberries provide a recognisable fruity touch.

An exception regarding the regional herbs and spices is the cocoa bean. It has travelled from far away and provides the distillate with its full-bodied aroma. Finally, hop blossom and malt give the gin the usual Bavarian mildness.

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LION’s Munich Handcrafted Vodka

Our characterful, organic-certified LION’s – Munich Handcrafted Vodka is based on the original form of this spirit with its sweet fruity cereal aromas. We focused primarily on the grain – the basic ingredient of a fine vodka. Wheat, rye, barley and spelt, all from purely organic cultivation, can be found in the LION’s – Munich Handcrafted Vodka. Gentle distillation and restrained filtration ensure that the unadulterated grain aromas are preserved throughout the various stages of production. The result is an “Eastern Style Vodka”.

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Max & Daniels Ginger Liquor

Best quality begins with the selection of the ingredients. Therefore it was important to chose only natural and untreated raw materials from purely organic cultivation. Ginger root from India in combination with delicately fruity Jamaican rum and brown cane sugar from Argentina provide a subtle sweetness. Always leaving a pleasant tingling on the palate. The ginger root rests in the high percentage pure grain alcohol (maceration) for several months. After that the ginger extract is refined with Jamaican rum and brown cane sugar. Lastly the fine filtration of the liqueur gives it its beautiful amber color. This Liquor is produced, bottle and labelled by hand in small batches with great patience and passion.

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THE DUKE Caraway

Our “Münchner Kümmel” (Munich Caraway Liquor) is truly unique. It has the privilege of being of registered geographical origin. The strong caraway distillate paired with a slight sweetness give the liquor its wonderful full-bodied aroma. Every sip bring you joy.

The “Grantler-Kümmel” (The Grouch Caraway Schnapps) is much less sweet than its brother, the original “Münchner Kümmel” (Munich Caraway Liquor). The caraway distillate is additionally refined with a caraway macerate. This gives the “Grouch” an even more earthy yet fine caraway notes, as well as the noble, amber colour.

Both are best enjoyed as a chilled aperitif or digestive to fully take advantage of the effects of the caraway seeds.

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Bottled Longdrinks

Some things just belong together, like Gin and Tonic. Together with Aqua Monaco we have decided to revive this and three other liaisons. Therefore, we present to you our 4 Bottled Longdrinks THE DUKE Gin & Tonic, THE DUKE Munich Mule, LION`S Moscow Mule, LION`S Vodka Lemon, and as per usual when it comes to The Duke products, they are all organic.

The search for the perfect Gin & Tonic, began in the days of the “British Empire”. It has now finally come to an end. Let us present THE DUKE Gin & Tonic! The wonderful fresh blend of our THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin and Aqua Monaco Tonic Water was worth the long wait. 

Initially this drink was always overshadowed by its big brother, the Moscow Mule. But now it’s time for the modern classic of bar culture, the Munich Mule to shine. THE DUKE Munich Mule: When THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin and Aqua Monaco Ginger Beer meet, a tingling freshness developed, where no palate remained dry.

Our powerful LION’s Vodka harmonizes perfectly with the fresh and tart Aqua Monaco Bitter Lemon to create a wonderful fresh drink with a pleasant bitter taste. Perfect on a hot summers evening.

The bar classic Moscow Mule has certainly played its part in the triumphal procession of vodka since the 50s. If you combine our powerful LION’s Vodka with the finely spiced Aqua Monaco Hot Ginger Beer, you immediately understand why the drink is still very popular in today’s bar culture.

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